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Required Documents

Documents Required for EPR Authorization

The documentation required for EPR Authorization varies depending on the type of organization applying for the authorization. Here are the essential documents needed for different types of organizations:


GST certificate

Authorized person pan and Aadhar card

Company Pan card ( If the company is private limited)

IEC Copy

Certificate of incorporation (CIN)

Taxpayer identification number(TIN)

Application Form 1(A) - which is provided by us.

Sales data (from F.Y 17-18 till F.Y 22-23)

Last year balance sheet or GSTR -9

Email Id and contact details



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Answer: ‘Battery' means new or refurbished cell and/or Battery and/or their component, including accumulator, which is any source of electrical energy generated by direct conversion of chemical energy and includes disposable primary and/or secondary battery.

Answer: Waste Battery includes: (i) Used and/or End of Life Battery and/or its components or spares or parts or consumables which may or may not be hazardous in nature; (ii) Pre-consumer Off-Spec Battery and its components or spares or parts or consumables; (iii) Battery whose date for appropriate use has expired; (iv) Battery which have been discarded by the user.

Answer: EPR stands for ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ which means responsibility of any Producer of Battery for Environmentally sound management of Waste Battery.

Answer: EPR targets is the quantity of battery placed in the market by the Producer/Manufacturers. Details are given in Schedule II of the Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022.

Answer: ‘Producer’ means an entity who engages in: (i) manufacture and sale of Battery including refurbished Battery, including in equipment, under its own brand; or (ii) sale of Battery including refurbished Battery, including in equipment, under its own brand produced by other manufacturers or suppliers; (iii) import of Battery as well as equipment containing Battery

Answer: As per Rule 4 (4), The person or an entity involved in manufacturing of Battery shall have to register through the online centralised portal as Producer in Form 1(A). The certificate of registration shall be issued in Form 1(B).

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