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Required Documents

The following documents are required for BIS Registration under the CRS scheme for electronic products.

  • Business License of Manufacturer (Chinese and English language)
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Application Form 1 (Duly Signed and Sealed)
  • Model No. of Products
  • Soft copy of Marking Plate
  • Completely Filled and Duly Signed Critical Component List Form (CCL)
  • GST Certificate (If Importer)
  • Adhar Card (If Importer)
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PCB Layout

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Schematic Diagram

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User Manual

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Critical Component List (CCL)

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The date of manufacturing for domestically produced goods and date of landing of consignments in India for goods manufactured overseas would apply for consideration against deadlines notified.

The Compulsory Registration Order applies to finished goods and not the spare parts/components used in the manufacturing of the finished goods, unless they are notified separately as independent products under CRO. Further, the import of the notified items in CKD (complete knock down) condition is allowed. However, for the import of notified goods, in SKD (semi knock down) condition, the import should be allowed only to the manufacturer of the end finished product which are having IEM license for manufacturing the same. If the products are imported in SKD condition, the customs shall ensure that the importer has valid authorization from the brand owner for assembling/manufacturing the end product

The said Order shall not be applicable to goods if imported for demonstration / development / testing in India. Reference is made to para 2(b) of Gazette notification dated 05 July 2013 available on MeitY website

The time period of testing depends upon the work load of the laboratory chosen by the manufacturer and submission of requisite technical details by the manufacturer for testing the product. Samples for initial registration can be submitted directly to any of the BIS recognized labs by the manufacturer. The registration will promptly be processed by BIS if all submitted documents are in order. Independent samples are picked up only during surveillance process.

There is no such requirement from the scheme. However, if relevant product standards call for it, the same would apply. It is the responsibility of the registered entity to ensure the compliance of goods to the respective standards by following appropriate process and product assurance procedures.

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