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The IMEI registration process

Step 1: After submitting the primary required documents, the importer and the exporter must first complete the form with all the information about their firm, corporation, or entity.

Step 2: Following that, the documentation of the firm that was registered will be inspected by the authorities.

Step 3: The corporation, firm, or entity may register the models of any mobile equipment devices they intend to bring into India once their documents have been verified.

Step 4: Following that, models of mobile equipment that have already registered in the form may do so with additional attributes (such as model frequency, form factor, single sim, connection, etc.)

Step 5:- the IMEI number and the number of mobile numbers which will go to import must be registered.

Step 6:- IMEI certificate for individual consignment is issued and can be submitted with the import documents for customs clearance in Indian Ports.

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