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Here we are talking about "How to Apply for ISI Mark" or "How to Get ISI Certification for Your Product" . The following steps are involved in the Domestic ISI Mark Certification process:

  1. Selection of standard as per the client requirement .
  2. Login ID & Business Profile creation on the BIS Portal .
  3. Test Request generation on the BIS Portal.
  4. Testing of product in BIS approved lab with Test Request .
  5. Submission of application with requisite documents to BIS.
  6. Scrutiny of Application.
  7. Factory inspection by a BIS-Approved Auditor
  8. Sample sealed for testing by BIS Auditor
  9. Licence granted by BIS Authority .

Furthermore, there are two types of BIS Certification :

A.  Normal Procedure (takes 60 to 65 days)

B.  Simplified Procedure (35 to 40 days)

Note : Before applying for the application one should know that the product comes under which procedure.

A. Normal Procedure: This process usually takes around 60 to 65 days to complete. This includes comprehensive evaluation of the application, factory audit and sample testing.

B. Simplified Process: This process is a faster option, usually take around 35 to 40 days. It includes a streamlined assessment process, which reduces the time required for completion. However, this may not be applicable for all types of products and is subject to certain eligibility criteria.


It is advised to consult BIS or seek guidance from professional evtl -India to ensure accurate and up-to-date information specific to your product and industry.

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