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BIS Registration Process

BIS Registration procedure in accordance with the BIS FMCS Scheme are:

Step 1 : Application submission process :

  • Collection of all required documents
  • Submit hardcopy of all document to FMCD department
  • Application will be verified by BIS Authority

Step 2: If Query Raised

  • In case , if any document or test equipment is found incomplete or missing then communication will be sent by email to applicant mail id.
  • And if the application is found satifatory then the application will be come into the recorded condtions.
  • After that acknowledgement number will be allotted for the future purposes.

Step 3: Audit/Inspection :

  • Mail is sent by the Officer for regarding the  audit fees or inspection fees . Applicant will pay a  license fee, inspection fee and advance marking fee .
  • Factory visit will be arranged by BIS Audtitor on the mutually agreed date.
  • BIS Officer will verify the manufacturing process , testing infrastructure and also test the product in-house laboratory.
  • At last BIS Officer will seal the sample and forward the sample for testing to the laboratory.

Step 4: Sample Testing :

  • Sealed sample send to BIS Approval Laboratory .
  • Testing Payment will be paid by the applicant to the lab.
  • BIS(FMCS) will receive the test report.

Step 5: Grant Of Licence :

  • Satisfactory Test Report of the product received .
  • Grant of Licence issued 

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