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WHAT IS BIS CERTIFICATION? BIS certification is a formal document issued by the Indian government that confirms that a product is of high quality, reliable, and safe for customer use. This certification also verifies that the product has undergone multiple tests and audits to ensure its quality.

In order to get BIS Certification one need to follow these steps 1. Identify the appropriate Indian Standard (IS) code for your product. 2. After collecting necessary documents, your products must undergo testing at a BIS-approved lab. 3. Apply online via the BIS portal, followed by potential factory inspection. 4. Meeting standards and documentation compliance results in BIS certification issuance.

The BIS registration fee for electronic products includes an application fee, processing fee, and registration fee. The total cost varies based on factors such as the location of the manufacturer, type of product, and the number of models.

Evtlindia, one of the most reliable BIS certification consultant in India, typically takes around 20 to 30 working days to obtain the certification, provided that the submitted information is accurate. However, the government advises manufacturers to get BIS approval by thoroughly testing products in their own BIS laboratories. This process takes longer, extending the certification issuance to around 30-45 days.

Evtlindia is a well-known BIS consultant in the market and highly regarded for being experienced and top-ranked because of its specialized expertise. As trusted BIS certification consultants in India, we stand as a reliable choice for BIS certification

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