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Legal Metrology Registration - Process

The process for registration is outlined in Rule 15 of the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011. The Tenth Schedule of the aforementioned Rules details the format for the application while the Twelfth Schedule of the same Rules details the price structure and payment schedule.


It is possible to import whole standard weights and measures systems.


Producers or suppliers will need to apply for registration as importers with the Director of Legal Metrology, GOI.


The Director of Legal Metrology must receive the application in the recommended format, through the State Controller, together with the required fee of Rs. 100, at least one month prior to the import. The Controller will send the application along with a report on the importer's technical capabilities and predecessors.


Application to LM in 

Step 1: We compile all the information and draw the application.


Step 2: The Zonal officer will examine the application to identify any issues or concerns and offer explanations.


Step 3: Premises Inspection - If the application is submitted properly, the inspector will show up at the scheduled time.


Step 4: Recommendation - Inspector makes the advice in light of the compliance of the premises.


Step 5: Acceptance or rejection - The zonal officer gives the assistant controller the thorough report.


Step 6: Compliance with LM Act and Rules - Packaging, weights, and measures for products and facilities must follow the aforementioned Act and Rules.


Step 7: React to any regulatory action by inferring the regulatory alterations that have been publicised or alluded to.

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