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Required Documents


A. Documents for online upload:

  1. Actual Mill test certificate indicating heat no., certificate no. & range of specification(min/max) -
  2. Actual product photographs, front and top/side view (not catalog).
  3. Invoice mentioning invoice no., date, grade, and bill of entry.
  4. Bill of lading mentioning bill of lading no. and date.


B. Other information for online submission ( matching with documents/facts)


  1. Complete details of the product.
  2. ITC Code.
  3. Value (Rs.) Total values of imported materials.
  4. Exporter details (Name, E-mail ID, and Contact & Address).
  5. Quantity in Tonnes
  6. Original manufacturer with name, address & E-mail ID, contact & address.
  7. SIMS Registration No. if available.
  8. Material supply/finishing/delivery conditions.
  9. Manufacturing process of material - Brief
  10. Dimensions of the product including length, width, shape & thickness, or diameter as applicable.
  11. Justifications for import
  12. Designation/description of the product with grade name/number.
  13. Applicable steel category
  1. Advance clarification (before placing an order) - Its purpose is to check whether your MTC certificate is ok or not or met as per NOC requirements. Once will get approval the next step is to apply application when the material will come into the shipment( Transit or Reached port)
  2. Clarification (material in transit) - MTC Certificate with max. /min. range, bill of lading, invoice, Photos, and National/International std. on which your MTC has made.
  3. Clarification (In case material at Indian Port) - MTC Certificate with max./min. range, bill of lading, invoice, Photos, bill of entry, and National/International std. on which your MTC has made.
  4. Clarification (for repeat order) - MTC Certificate with max./min. range, bill of lading, invoice, Photos, bill of entry, previous NOC details, and National/International std. on which your MTC has made.

Please clarify your application type comes under which category from the above-mentioned 4 pts.

  1. Customer details with end uses.
  2. Company specifications for material, if applicable
  3. Tonnage imported in the last three years


C. Other Documents Required for Registration

  1. GST
  2. IEC Certificate
  3. Mail ID
  4. Phone No.
  5. Mobile No.
  6. Company Pan No.

Other Services


- An NOC (Non-Objection Certification) for steel importers is a document issued by the relevant government authority or regulatory body that certifies that the importer has met all the necessary requirements and regulations for importing steel products into the country.

- The process for obtaining a NOC for steel importers may vary from country to country. Generally, you would need to submit an application to the relevant government authority or regulatory body along with the required documents, such as company registration details, import licenses, product specifications, and compliance certificates. The authority will review your application and conduct any necessary inspections before issuing the NOC.

- The ISI mark is a certification mark issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India. It indicates that a particular steel product meets the specified quality standards set by the BIS. The ISI mark ensures that the product conforms to the relevant Indian standards and is of satisfactory quality.

- The requirement for a NOC may vary from country to country. Some countries may have specific regulations that necessitate obtaining a NOC for steel imports, while others may not require it. It is essential to check the import regulations and guidelines of the country where you intend to import steel products to determine if an NOC is mandatory.

- Yes, certain steel products may require a BIS certificate for import into India. The BIS has established mandatory quality control requirements for specific steel products to ensure consumer safety and product quality. It is essential to check the list of regulated steel products provided by the BIS to determine if a BIS certificate is required for the specific steel product you intend to import. Please note that the specific requirements and regulations may vary depending on the country and jurisdiction. It is always advisable to consult the relevant government authorities, regulatory bodies, or trade associations in your country for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the NOC, ISI mark, BIS certificate, or any other certifications or documents required for importing steel products.

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