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Registraton Process With Evtl-India

Overview of Authorization for Plastic Waste And Registration Process

The CPCB has created a centralized online site for registration and filing of yearly returns for producers, importers, brand owners, and processors of plastic waste in an effort to significantly simplify the EPR registration process. The registration process is made simpler by this platform, which also provides openness in the monitoring and reporting of plastic waste management initiatives.


EPR Authorization Services


In addition to the EPR Registration process, companies may also require EPR Authorization services to comply with various other EPR-related regulations and requirements. These services can include:


  • Assistance in preparing and submitting EPR action plans and target documents.


  • Guidance on selecting and working with appropriate waste management partners and plastic waste processors.


  • Support in obtaining EPR certificates, such as the PWP certificate mentioned earlier.


  • Help in developing and implementing strategies to achieve EPR targets and comply with all relevant regulations.


EPR Authorization services can be provided by specialized EPR consultants or firms that offer a range of EPR-related support and expertise.


EPR Registration for Plastic Waste and Electronic Waste


It is important to note that EPR regulations and requirements also apply to electronic waste in addition to plastic waste. Similar to the EPR Registration for Plastic Packaging, companies involved in the production, import, or branding of electronic products must obtain an EPR Certificate for Electronic Waste Management.


These certificates ensure that companies take responsibility for the proper management and disposal of their electronic products, including recycling and end-of-life disposal. EPR Registration and EPR Certificate requirements apply to both Indian and foreign importers and manufacturers of electronic products.

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