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At EVTL India, we are committed to assisting manufacturers in obtaining regulatory compliance for their products through factory audits and proper testing from recognized laboratories. We also facilitate the testing process for products that are applying for certification. Our sample return and refund policy outlines the procedures and charges associated with sample handling, storage, and returns.

Sample Submission and Storage:

1. Initial Submission:

- Clients must submit samples to us for testing and certification.

- We collaborate with a sample warehouse for storage.

2. Sample Collection within 15 Days:

- If a client decides to cancel the project, they may collect their sample within 15 days of submission without incurring additional charges.

- After 15 days, additional daily warehouse charges will apply as per our company norms.

Post-Testing Sample Collection:

1. Standard Testing Period:

- As per NABL guidelines, the testing process typically takes 90 days.

- Clients must provide prior information if they wish to collect their sample after testing.

2. Collection Post-Testing:

- Upon completion of testing, clients have an additional 15 days to collect their sample with prior notification, without incurring extra charges.

- Beyond this period, daily warehouse charges will apply as per our company norms.

Failure to Provide Prior Information:

Discarding Samples:

- If clients do not provide prior information for sample return either before or after testing, we will discard the sample to avoid additional warehouse charges.

Additional Charges:

- Daily Warehouse Charges: Applicable if samples are not collected within the specified periods.

- Warehouse Charges Post 15 Days (Initial Submission): Applicable as per our company norms.


- Clients are responsible for any charges incurred due to delayed sample collection.

- All charges are subject to our company norms and may vary.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or further information regarding sample return and refund policies, please contact us at:

- Email:

- Phone: +919560935898, 9354046392

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to our sample return and refund policy to ensure a smooth and efficient process for all parties involved.

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