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According to the revised requirements of the Information Technology Act of 2000, this document is electronic in nature and is subject to the laws governing electronic records.
The Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 stipulate in Rule 3 (1) that the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other rules must be made public. Thus, the same guidelines that apply to utilising information from also apply to this document. the domain name The entity known as "Company" owns and operates the "Website". The company is registered under Indian laws and can be found at Plot No. 3, 4th floor, Vikash Marg Rd, Shankar Vihar, Preet Vihar, Delhi, 110092. All users, both past and present.

The user grants evtl India permission to use, share, and disclose any information as specified in the privacy policy by using this website. The company regularly updates and modifies its terms and conditions and privacy policy to ensure compliance with current regulations and other legal requirements. The user agrees to these modifications, and the user agrees to periodically review the terms and conditions and privacy statement of the business. Neither before nor after the policy is updated, we have no obligation to notify the user. The user is considered to have consented to any changes made by the company to its terms and conditions, if he continues to use the website after such changes have been made.

Since Evtl India is an Indian firm with a registered address, we exchange information in compliance with Indian legislation. You will be liable for any damages incurred from using our website from anywhere in the globe, as we are unable to adhere to local laws in every country. The user understands that the terms and conditions, privacy statement, rules, and suggestions of the business form an unchangeable agreement between the user and the firm. Furthermore, this agreement can be enforced without a signature. An agreement is formed between the user and the company as soon as they start using the website. Furthermore, it is considered that the user has agreed to all of the terms stated by the company by accessing the website.

Information Gathering :

The user provides some information as soon as he accesses the website, either online or through mail. All of that data, whether private or business-related, is gathered for later use. The user acknowledges and agrees that the company manages all documents and records, regardless of the method by which they are provided by the user.The user acknowledges that if they use EVTL INDIA website for personal purposes, the company may utilise their IP address to gather personal data about them. The information gathered may include mobile data, software usage patterns, internet histories, and user behaviour.

The user acknowledges and accepts that any personal or other data gathered by the business is stored in a unique folder within the system designed specifically for data collection.The user consents to the company collecting any data they enter in any online competition, survey, or inquiry. Additionally, the company logs user reviews, comments, and opinions about EVTL INDIA and uses them as testimonies to help other clients on their website.Users who visit our website or use our services consent to us collecting and using their personal information, including name, IP address, and other data.

Activities by Third Parties :

Links to external websites may appear on the EVTL India website at any time. Although the user cannot hold EVTL India accountable for any such act, we do not incorporate these connections, and we have no control over the acquisition of any user data through these third-party sites.EVTLINDIA makes every effort to safeguard your information. However, we disclaim any duty for data loss resulting from server failures, third-party actions, or other actions beyond our control. Additionally, the business has the right to confirm or authenticate any or all of your information at any time to ensure that there are no differences between the user and the business and that service delivery is guaranteed.

Information Exchange :

In order to comply with any legal requirements, such as preserving personal safety or defending the national interest of the user or any other individual, the user consents to the sharing of his personal information with other organisations, companies, or affiliates. The user consents to the sharing of their personal information with third parties, contractors, and agents who handle or use the information for the purpose of improving the user experience, among others. In the event that EVTL INDIA decides to collaborate with another company or merge, amalgamate, or restructure. The user acknowledges and consents to the sharing of their information with that specific entity.

Consent of the User :

Users give permission for the company to use or distribute the data they submit in any way, including offline, through mail, and on the company website. The user's information will be shared in accordance with this policy's Section 4.

Changes to the Privacy Policy :The user-provided information will remain on file with us for an extended period of time, or as long as the business feels it is required.You can write to to let us know if you do not want the company to update or remove your personal data. If you would like your information to be deleted or modified, please be careful to clarify your preferences. We will investigate the situation and make every effort to comply with your request as soon as we can.

Dispute Settlement It is assumed by both the user and the company's staff that any disagreements regarding the creation, interpretation, and application of the policy will be settled using one of two methods: alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, the user consents to the policy's provisions remaining in effect even after it has expired or been terminated.

Mediation: If there is a disagreement between the parties, mediation must be used to try to settle it. Within 30 days, the parties must come to a decision after discussing it among themselves. If the matter is still unresolved, arbitration will be consulted. Arbitration: The dispute will go to arbitration if mediation is unable to reach a resolution between the parties. An arbitrator is chosen, and both parties must abide by the decision made. The arbitrator has the authority to order any party to pay the proceeding's expenses, or else each party is required to pay the full cost of their respective actions. In addition, Delhi will be the venue for the arbitration hearing, which will be conducted in English.

Reach out to us You can get in touch with us directly using the contact page on the company website if you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy of the firm or if you would want to know more about your rights.

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