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Wpc Eta Certificate For Wireless Repeater



A wireless repeater, also called a range extender, is like a helper for your Wi-Fi. It takes the Wi-Fi signal from your main router and makes it stronger and go farther. This is useful when your Wi-Fi doesn't reach all the rooms in your house or your office.

Setting up a wireless repeater is usually easy, and you don't need to put in extra wires. It catches the Wi-Fi signal and makes it stronger, so it can reach places where the signal was weak. It's like building a bridge between your main Wi-Fi and the faraway devices, like in a big house with thick walls. But here's the thing: sometimes, using a repeater can slow down your Wi-Fi a bit because it has to share its power between catching and sending out the signal. So, you need to put it in the right spot to make sure your Wi-Fi stays fast and covers more areas.

If you wish to promote and sell wireless repeater in the Indian market, obtaining WPC ETA approval is essential. The comprehensive process to secure this WPC ETA certificate is outlined below. The ETA Approval certificate holds immense significance if you intend to sell products in India that utilize Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology.


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  1. Radio Frequency Test: Start with a test in an authorized Indian lab to check if your product's frequency level is within the allowed range for WPC ETA Certificates.
  2. Prepare Documents: Gather all necessary documents, ensuring they're complete and accurate.
  3. Apply Online: File an online application through the Saral Sanchar Portal, designed for licenses and certificates.
  4. Submit Documents: Send the required documents to WPC for verification.
  5. Get Your ETA Certificate: WPC's designated officer reviews your documents and test report. If everything checks out, they'll grant you the ETA Certificate.

This certification ensures your product complies with wireless regulations for use in India.


1.     Radio Frequency Test Report.

2.     Product Catalog.

3.     Business Ownership Proof.

4.     Valid ID and Address Proof for the authorized person.


The WPC ETA certification process usually takes about 30 to 35 working days to make sure that wireless equipment follows the rules. This certification is specific to the product, and you don't need to renew it regularly. This is good news for manufacturers and sellers of wireless equipment because it's more convenient.


Obtaining WPC ETA certification for a wireless repeater is of paramount importance. This certification guarantees that wireless products, such as Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth devices, conform to all the requisite regulations for market entry in India. Should you require information regarding associated costs and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@evtlindia.com or reach us at 9560935898.

Our company, EVTL India, is headquartered in Preet Vihar and specializes in a variety of certifications, including BIS, ISI, WPC, EPR, IMEI, BEE, and ISO. We possess expertise in product testing and facilitating the attainment of the necessary approvals. Our office commences operations at 10:00 AM, and our team is readily available to provide comprehensive guidance throughout the certification process.

You can contact us via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by phone at 9560935898. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for the support you need.

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