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LABORATORY EQUIPMENT AND SETUP: We Evtl-India are a top producer of lab setup and equipment in India. Our goal is to create secure, top-notch laboratory equipment that completes your lab. The goods we provide to our customers are obtained from reliable companies that are renowned for their superior quality.


We adhere to the notion that knowledge should be transmitted through the use of an exclusive and distinctive continuum of instructional resources. These are intended to challenge the apparent and mundane and instead promote thoughtful, deliberate, and informed learning among the innumerable students pursuing education around the world.


Based on this ethos, our instructional kits and aids are suitable for use in a variety of classroom settings and help teachers refresh and improve their abilities, resulting in better learning outcomes.


the following is our organization's main goal: to ensure the continued development of functional literacy.
To offer top-notch educational resources to all educators and learners throughout the world who meet the demands of present and current learning, whether they are long-term or short-term.

We are one of the top producers and sellers of a long-lasting selection of instructional and learning tools. These products effortlessly fulfill the cutting-edge requirements of the competitive market because they were created employing the most recent technology and machinery. The products below are what we provide:

Instrument Kit

Chemistry Lab Set: To expand our selection of instructional materials, we constantly seek new, efficient manufacturing techniques. On our property, we have set up a distinct R&D division that is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and supervised by knowledgeable staff. This tool helps us create a client-specific range at a reasonable price. Our knowledgeable staff conducts thorough research, which helps us stay up to date with the latest cutting-edge innovations in the industry.




The following factors are the focus of our R&D department.

Product Innovation - Our main area of concentration is product innovation, where we constantly work to create high-quality new items and enhance old ones to boost performance. In other words, our R&D Department never stops working to make what we have better.


The market study - is crucial for determining the preferences of customers, and as a result, our R&D department works with the production department to create products that are appealing to their tastes.


Increasing the product's quality - Our R&D section raises the product's quality through market research.

One of the foundational elements of our company has been our personnel. Our employees' unwavering commitment to the reliability and high quality of our products has brought us widespread praise from customers. Our staff is made up of a variety of individuals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of education. Because of their creative thinking and dedication to making studying more pleasurable, we were able to create a unique collection of teaching resources.


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