How To Get WPC Certificate Registration


What is WPC ETA Certificate?


WPC License, full form, Wireless Planning & Coordination license is the license to import and sell wireless products. Issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, a part of the Department of Telecommunication, it's a non-optional license.


There is a rapid increase in the presence of wireless products these days. Even though we are moving towards a self-reliant India, there are some products from foreign lands that cannot always be replaced. We are talking about quality wireless products. Due to these international products, things have become more affordable for a common consumer.  So, if you're a purveyor of wireless products and are looking for a WPC ETA certificate, wait no more.


How to get WPC ETA approval in India?

The primary WPC procedure of getting the ETA approval or WPC ETA approval in India differs based on whether the manufacturer is domestic or foreign:

  • Only an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) can apply for foreign manufacturers.
  • For a domestic manufacturer, ETA is required if the wireless product it manufactures works in delicensed bands.

WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) Wing

To obtain an WPC certificate/ETA for de-licensed frequency band devices, a detailed test report of the equipment obtained from a well-recognized laboratory has to be submitted to WPC for evaluation. We help our clients with testing their equipment and obtaining the test report in the proper format for submission to WPC.


Aleph India has extensive experience in providing WPC (ETA) Approval for IT and Electronic devices to both domestic and international businesses. By obtaining a WPC certificate and an import license, we assist Indian and global firms in releasing their products in the Indian market.


We are one of the leading WPC consultants in Delhi. To get a complete idea about WPC ETA approval and hustle-free business, contact Aleph India. We assist the client to get all types of certifications and licenses under the various schemes of the government of India. Our technical team will guide you through every stage of the process and ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Documents required for WPC Certification

  1. Company Incorporation certificate.
  2. GST registration certificate.
  3. Import Export Code(IEC Certificate)
  4. Purchase Order(PO) of the imported equipment.
  5. Receipt of online fee.
  6. Address Proof of the Applicant entity.

What is the WPC Certification Application Process?

The WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) certification process in India involves obtaining approval for the use of wireless communication devices. If you are specifically referring to the WPC certification process in conjunction with the EVTL India consultant registration, here is an overview of the process:


1. Online Application Submission: - The first step is to submit an online application for WPC certification. During this process, the applicant must provide detailed information about the wireless communication device. It is crucial to select the correct commodities and categories related to the device to avoid rejection of the application.


2. Application ID Generation:- After the successful submission of the online application, the system generates a unique Application ID. This ID is used for tracking and referencing the application throughout the certification process.


3. Hard Copy Submission to WPC Office:- Following the online submission, a hard copy of the application, along with supporting documents, must be sent to the WPC office. This physical copy is an essential part of the application process and is used for verification purposes.


4. Verification Process by WPC Authority:- The WPC authority reviews the information provided in the application and examines the hard copy and supporting documents. This verification process ensures that the wireless communication device complies with the relevant standards and regulations.


5. Certification Issuance: - Upon successful verification, the WPC authority issues the certification. This certification serves as official approval for the use of the wireless communication device within the specified parameters.


When considering EVTL India consultant registration, it's possible that consultants from EVTL India may be involved in the testing and certification process. These consultants may assist in ensuring that the device meets the required technical standards before submitting the application to WPC.


It's essential for applicants to carefully follow the guidelines provided by both WPC Certificate India, as specific requirements may vary based on the type of wireless device and its intended use. Additionally, staying updated with the latest regulations and guidelines from these organizations is crucial for a smooth certification process.

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WPC Approval in India is often referred to as WPC ETA Certification, and it encompasses various types of approvals tailored to different product scopes and applications. To successfully navigate the certification process, it's essential to understand the basic requirements for WPC ETA approval and import licenses. One critical component of this process is the RF (Radio Frequency) test report, which plays a vital role in ensuring compliance. Understanding its importance and how to obtain it is key.


This step-by-step guide aims to simplify the process of securing Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from WPC, a requirement for various products falling under WPC regulations. The product scope for WPC approval is extensive, covering a wide range of wireless devices. Additionally, the consideration of delicensed frequency bands has a notable influence on the certification process.


If you're in need of securing WPC ETA approval in India, it may be beneficial to consult with EVTLINDIA. They can assist in streamlining your certification journey. You can contact their knowledgeable team via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by giving them a call at 9560935898.


Located in Preet Vihar, EVTL India is a reliable certification agency with expertise in various certifications, including BIS, ISI, WPC, EPR, IMEI, BEE, and ISO. As a leading consultant in product testing, they help customers obtain different types of compliance and approvals. Operating under the name Emphatic Vans and Testing Labs Pvt Ltd, their doors open promptly at 10:00 AM, and they are poised to assist you with your certification requirements.

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EVTL India WPC Certificate Consultant Process?
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1. Online Application Submission

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2. Application ID Generation

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3. Hard Copy Submission to WPC Office

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4. Verification Process by WPC Authority


1. Identify the specific wireless communication equipment that requires WPC certification. 2. Ensure that your product complies with the relevant technical standards and specifications.

Engage a Consultant (Optional):

While not mandatory, hiring a consultant with expertise in WPC certification processes can streamline the application and increase the chances of successful certification.

Document Preparation:

Gather all required documents, including product details, technical specifications, user manuals, circuit diagrams, test reports, and other relevant information.

Application Submission:

1. Visit the official WPC website or the EVTL website to access the online application portal. 2 Complete the application form and upload all necessary documents.


WPC ETA Certification refers to the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) ETA (Equipment Type Approval) Certification. It is a mandatory certification issued by WPC for certain wireless and communication equipment to ensure compliance with technical standards and regulations.

The ETA Certificate, or Equipment Type Approval Certificate, is a document issued by the WPC after evaluating and approving the technical specifications of wireless and communication equipment. It signifies that the equipment complies with the necessary standards and can be legally used in India.

WPC Registration involves the process of registering wireless and communication equipment with the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Ministry of Communications in India. This registration is a prerequisite for importing, selling, or using such equipment in the country.

The full form of WPC in Customs is "Wireless Planning and Coordination." WPC is a wing of the Ministry of Communications in India responsible for managing the use of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbits.

Various wireless and communication equipment, including but not limited to mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, and other radio frequency devices, may require WPC ETA Certification before they can be legally used or sold in India.

The application for WPC ETA Certification can be submitted through the official WPC portal. It typically involves providing detailed technical documentation and specifications of the equipment, along with the necessary fees.

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