BIS Revision of Textile Polyester

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BIS Revision of Textile Polyester
By Evtl India

BIS Revision of Textile Polyester

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Initiates Comprehensive Revision of Textile Polyester Standards


In India, the development and maintenance of quality standards for various industries are entrusted to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This apex organization, often referred to as the National Standards Body of India, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the harmonious development of standardization, quality marking, and the testing of goods and materials across the nation. Under the BIS Act of 1986, and with subsequent updates in the BIS Act of 2016, this body carries out the essential task of safeguarding the interests of both consumers and businesses.


One of the fundamental principles guiding BIS is the regular review of established standards. These standards, covering a wide range of products and materials, are subjected to thorough evaluation at least once every five years. This periodic review is conducted to assess whether existing standards need revision, updating, or, in some cases, withdrawal to accommodate the changing needs of industries and the evolving landscape of technology and materials. Recently, BIS has undertaken a significant endeavor in revising standards related to textile polyester.


The following standards are slated for revision by BIS, reflecting their commitment to ensuring the quality and safety of textile polyester products:


1. IS 17261: 2019 - Textiles – Polyester Continuous Filament Fully Drawn Yarns: This standard deals with the specifications and requirements for continuous filament fully drawn yarns made from polyester.


2. IS 17262: 2019 - Textiles – Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn (POY): This standard outlines the specifications for polyester partially oriented yarn, a critical component in the textile industry.


3. IS 17263: 2019 - Textiles – Polyester Staple Fibres: Focusing on polyester staple fibers, this standard sets out the criteria and characteristics for these essential textile components.


4. IS 17264: 2019 - Textiles – Polyester Industrial Yarn: Industrial applications often require specialized yarn, and this standard defines the requirements for polyester industrial yarn.


5. IS 17265: 2019 - Textiles – 100 Percent Polyester Spun Grey and White Yarn: Grey and white yarns are significant in textile manufacturing, and this standard prescribes the specifications for 100 percent polyester variants.


BIS, as of now, is yet to officially notify the revision of these standards. However, it is crucial for manufacturers and importers dealing with textile polyester products to remain updated about BIS regulations. Staying informed about these changes is essential for maintaining product quality, compliance, and market relevance.


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In conclusion, as BIS takes on the task of revising textile polyester standards, businesses in the textile industry should proactively engage with these changes to ensure their products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Evtl-India INDIA stands as a dependable ally in this journey, offering guidance, certification, and compliance support to manufacturers and importers. To navigate the evolving landscape of standards and regulations, they are a one-stop solution for industry players, offering assurance and efficiency in the certification process. For inquiries related to BIS certification, product testing, compliance, and auditing, you can reach out to Evtl-India INDIA at +91 +91-9560 935 898

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