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01 Aug, 2023 By Evtl India




Safety glass for road transport is a special type of glass used in vehicles like cars, buses, and trucks to improve passenger safety during accidents or collisions. Unlike regular glass, safety glass is designed to reduce the risk of injuries caused by shattered glass.

Therefore, to ensure product quality and consumer safety, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it mandatory for manufacturers to undergo BIS registration and obtain the BIS ISI mark before selling their products in the market. Manufacturers can use the ISI Mark on their products only after obtaining a license from BIS that is granted after BIS registration. The presence of the ISI mark on a product indicates that it complies with BIS's stringent quality standards.

Road transport safety glass falls under the IS 2553(Part 2):2019 standard. This rule outlines the requirements, sampling, and testing methods for safety glass used in car windshields, backlights, and side windows.

The requirements for safety glass include:

1.      It must be made from 'AA' and 'A' quality flat transparent sheet glass that meets the requirements of IS 2835:1987.

2.      Float glass can also be used for making safety glass. The thickness of the safety glass must adhere to the standard and be measured using the specified method.

3.      Packaging and marking should be done accordingly.

4.      Each package must be marked with the information specified in the standard.

5.      The standard mark (ISI Mark) should be present on each piece of safety glass, indicating compliance with all specification requirements.

6.       Manufacturers must obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards to use the standard mark (ISI Mark).

Tests to be performed on safety glass for road transport include:

Light Transmittance Test, Head-form Test, Fragmentation Test, Weathering Test, Cross-cut Test, Optical Distortion Test and Tests of Resistance to Abrasion, Temperature Changes, Fire, Chemicals, Radiation, and Humidity etc.

All these tests must be conducted in a well-equipped and staffed laboratory following the specified procedures.

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Process for Obtaining ISI Mark Certification in India

The process for obtaining ISI Certification involves the following steps:

Step 1: Selection of a product code: Select an appropriate ISI standard product code that meets BIS guidelines.

Step 2: Apply and Pay: Apply for ISI Certification with the chosen product code and pay registration and audit fees.

Step 3: Factory Premise Inspection: BIS and inspection team visit the factory, collect product samples for lab testing.

Step 4: Submission of Sample Report: It is essential to submit the sample report of the product from the certified labs to BIS.

Step 5: Obtain ISI Certificate: Upon completion, BIS issues the ISI Certificate, typically within 30 days.


Obtaining BIS certification is a crucial step for manufacturers, importers, and sellers before launching their products in the market. The ISI Mark Certification enables companies to manufacture and sell their products across India seamlessly, without any disruptions. The ISI Mark signifies a commitment to consumer safety, health, and fosters trust among customers.

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