How to Apply GeM registration

GeM stands for (Government E-market). This is mainly known for their seller and buyer. They can buy and sell their products to the government by registering on this portal. GeM is an online platform for federal and state government agencies to acquire products and services.

Benefits of GeM Registration

Here are the benefits of GeM Registration

  • Contactless and Paperless:  GEM Registration is a Digital and online platform that is efficient in terms of business that takes place in just a couple of minutes.
  • Large Number of Sellers and Products: There are over 40 lakh sellers on the platform now. 
  • Vast Choices, Easy Selection: With a large variety of products and services available, it is easy to choose as per your requirements. 
  • Buyer Seller Incentivization Scheme: GeM Registration has initiated a program aimed at boosting the enthusiasm of buyers registered with the portal
  • Technology Driven Portal: The state-of-the-art portal is designed with the latest in technology and in a completely scalable way on the cloud. 
  • Value for Money Products on GeM: The average prices of the goods are lowered by 15% which further goes to over 56%. 
  • e-bidding and Delivery Duration: e-bidding on the GeM portal aims to enhance efficiency, transparency, and speed in public procurement along with inclusion. 
  • Online Ordering and Transparency: The government e-marketplace has eliminated the human interface for GeM Portal Registration, order placement, and payment processing. 
  • Integrated Payment System: GeM is proactively implementing several functionalities to ensure that payment cycles are kept as short as possible so that Micro and small businesses are incentivized to participate in public procurement in large numbers. 
  • Secure and User Friendly Dashboard:  Through this GeM portal buyers can easily buy, compare, and then select the one. The sellers can list their products according to the requirements of the government.

Required documents for GeM Registration 

• GST details.

• PAN Card as proof of individual identity and address authentication.

• A cancelled cheque.

• Mobile number Linked with your Aadhar Card. 

• Separate address proof and identity proof. 

• Bank account details and documents verifying the same.

• Address proof of the head of the company.

• Company Registration, LLP-associated documents, or Udyog Aadhar.

• Trademark certification.

• Documents indicating the services and products that are offered by the organization in question.

• MSME documentation. 

• NSIC Papers.

• Income Tax Returns.

• DoE order compliance.

Process of Gem Seller Registration

There are 3 steps with the help of you can complete the registration process.


Step 1: Go to the official website for GeM seller registration. To visit GeM official website you can search on google or click Here and you will redirect to GeM portal Naturally, the first step you need to take after gathering all the necessary documentation, as mentioned earlier for the procedure, is to visit the GeM gov in site. You would be required to click on the seller tab and then on the sign-up to begin your process at the site. Once you have cleared them, you will be shown the terms and conditions of the site, which you are advised to go through before clicking on the accept option. The next step for the GeM portal tender sign-up is filling out the form. 


Step 2: Fill the form with the correct information. Once you have clicked on the terms and conditions, you will be directed to the GeM registration form that you need to fill up with accurate information. Here are some details that would be required to fill up in the form. 


• Name of the organization that is applying for the GeM portal login. 


• Next, you would have to decide the type of registration and need to fill out some basic information such as name, PAN Card number, Date of Birth, GeM Registered and correspondence address, and other related things. 


• The mobile number is next. It would be best if you choose a number that is registered with your Aadhar number, as it would make the whole process significantly easier and straightforward. You would have to verify the number by entering the OTP that you will receive at the same number. Once you have done it, it will authenticate the number and link it with your account. This will be helpful in the GeM Registration portal login as well. 


• The next step is to verify the email address that you want to link to your GeM registration account and, more specifically, for your GeM login. You would need to authenticate it in the same method as your phone number. After then, choose the desired username and password, and then simply click on the create account option, and voila, your GeM account registration is complete. 


Step 3: Verify the information After you have created an account, the next step would be to get access to features like GeM Bid, GeM tender, GeM Registration direct purchase, and even GeM L1 process (many of them are limited to government officials). This could only be done after you have verified all the information that is required for the completion of the registration process. And while some of these features might vary depending on the type of account and person/ organization creating a login at GeM registration, the documentation remains the same. Just go through the above-motioned list to know what you would require. Once you have all that, then you can freely list products and services on the dashboard.

GeM Seller Registration Process

1. First you have to create a seller account on the GeM portal.

2. Then update organisation Profile there.

3. After that assess Vendor for this.

4. Now listing the Brand.

5. Then listing the Product.

6. Final thing to do is bidding and appointment of Reseller.

GeM portal Registration Fees in Delhi

Turnover of seller

Gem registration Fees

Turnover less than ₹1 Crore


Turnover between ₹1 crore - 10 crore


Turn over more than ₹10 crore


Fee for Vendor Assessment

₹11,200 + GST

Registration charges on GeM portal?

If you want to register as a buyer or seller on the GeM portal, the registration is absolutely free of cost. GeM Registration The government of India does not charge you anything for registering. If you have appointed a consultant or an agent who is registering on your behalf, you will have to pay their GeM Registration consultancy fee.

Many ask if you need to pay GST on the registration fee. When you do not have to pay the registration fee, the question of GST does not arise. You do not have to pay GST since registration is free. But when you seek assistance to register, you may have to pay GST on the consultancy fee.

How to pay GeM registration fees online?

If you want to pay GeM transaction charges online. Here is a step-by-step guide.

• First go on the order screen, and click on the Pay AMC/TC button.

• Then on the next screen, two options will be displayed: payment bifurcation and Pay now.

• After that click on ‘Pay now’

• Then you will be able to make payments as per your preferred mode of payment that is NEFT or RTGS or net banking.


What is GeM Registration With Consultant
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GeM Registration Process With Consultant

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Grant of GeM Registration Only One Day With Evtl India


GEM registration refers to the Government e-Marketplace, an online platform for procurement of goods and services by the government. It is important for businesses as it provides them with opportunities to participate in government tenders and contracts.

To apply for GEM registration, visit the official GEM portal and follow the registration process. You will need to provide necessary documents and details about your business.

GEM registration offers businesses access to a wide range of government tenders, transparent procurement processes, timely payments, and a platform to showcase their products or services to government buyers.

Yes, individual consultants can apply for GEM registration, especially if they provide services that align with government requirements. The registration process may vary slightly for individual consultants.

The GEM registration process is generally free of cost. However, businesses should be cautious of any third-party consultants claiming fees for the registration process.

The GEM registration process duration can vary, but it typically takes a few weeks. The timeline depends on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided during the application.

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