What is Tec Certification?

TEC stands for (Telecommunication Engineering Center). It is the authority who issues the TEC certificate for telecommunication equipment. From the year 1991, the TEC certificate/ TEC Certification has been a voluntary process. TEC Certificate comes under the Telecom Commission and Nodal Agencies, viz the Department of Telecommunication, the Ministry of Communications, and Information Technology who holds the authority to generate standards, requirements along with specifications of the telecom products, networks, and services.  

A-TEC certificate is required for telecom equipment dealers to import, manufacture, and sell such equipment. The Telecommunication Engineering Centre issues this TEC certificate after the telecom equipment undergoes testing under the MTCTE (Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment) scheme. You'll receive a unique registration number once you complete the TEC Registration process. This number serves as your equipment's unique identifier. You can prominently display this certification on your product to assure customers of its authenticity and compliance.

Importance of Tec Certificate?

The TEC certificate is very important to ensure the safety of the end-to-end users. The importance of the TEC certificate is not limited to the safety of the user or general public. But it also averts telecom equipment from degrading the performance of the other equipment.  It also subdues the radio frequency emissions of the equipment to ensure the well-being of the users and the general public. As demonstrated, the TEC certificate ensures that telecom products are complying with the conformant national and international standards and provisions.

Benefits of TEC Certificate

I would let you know that the TEC Certification is like a mark of approval for telecom products, which ensures that they are good quality and safe to use. This Tec certification process checks that these products meet the specific standards required, ensuring that people in India can rely on high-quality and safe telecom equipment.

How many types of TEC Approvals

1. TEC Interface Approval

The first one is TEC Interface Approval is issued on the basis of Interface Requirements (IR) standards. This type of approval made by functional equipment as well as typically define network interfaces. 


The second one is the BSNL TSEC certificate. It is a protracted and onerous process because it includes activities such as laboratory testing of the equipment functions, environmental testing, and infrastructure assessment to procure the BSNL TSEC approval.  Also, the TEC Process of obtaining the BSNL TSEC approval is not restricted to complying with the procedure only. But it might also include some additional requirements.

3. TEC Type Approval

And the third and final one is TEC-type approval. It is issued against the Generic Requirement (GR) standard, these standards are organized by functional equipment type. Additionally, TEC Type Approval requires telecom testing in-country, along with this, it may also require EMC and environmental testing.

Which Products are required for TEC Certification

  • HF radio
  • Smart camera
  • Session border controller
  • Tracking devices
  • Compact cellular network
  • Signaling gateway
  • Radio broadcast receivers
  • Smart electricity meter
  • Mobile radio trunking system
  • LAN switch
  • Soft switch
  • Mobile user equipment
  • Router
  • Cordless telephone
  • Modem and others

Documents Required For TEC Process

  1. Product name, brand name along with the Model number of the product.
  2. PCB design and circuit diagram of the equipment.
  3. Bill of material (BoM).
  4. To complete the TEC Process, Address proof of the manufacturing unit.
  5. Replica of trademark and in case, the manufacturing unit is not the owner of the Trademark, you are required to submit an authorization letter from the Trademark owner.
  6. To complete TEC Process, sample of the products including vade macum and accessories to use the product uninterruptedly needs to be submitted.
  7. Components of the safety criticals of the equipment
  8. Specifications of the series model.
  9. In the case of a foreign manufacturer, you are required to submit the information details of the Authorized Indian Representative (AIR).   
Online apply for TEC Certificate
  • First you have to complete the initial process of TEC certificate registration.
  • Then, as you will be done with the process of TEC certificate registration, you will be allotted a testing laboratory accredited by TEC for testing telecom equipment.
  • Further, after the successful submission of the sample for testing, you will procure the test report.
  • After that if your product complies with the laid standards and requirements, you are required to submit the documents along with the marking fee.
  • At the end, your product is certified and can use the TEC. 
TEC Registration Fee 2023

These are the registration fee for the TEC exam which candidates need to pay. The academy has decided to take Rs.1479.72 for TEC Exam Online. Candidates can pay the application/ exam/ registration fees using Debit Card/ Credit Card/ UPI/ Internet Banking etc. To get detailed information about the fees for your desired course, visit the official TEC website 


TEC registration is not an easy process. With the convenience of online registration, you can take the first step towards pursuing your desired TEC course from the comfort of your own home. TEC certification is essential to obtain to manufacture, sell, and import telecommunication equipment. To acquire the TEC certificate you need professional assistance as any inaccuracy in an application, and documentation could be the reason for the rejection of the application.  

Accordingly, you can contact us for professional assistance throughout the application process, documentation, evaluation, etc. Remember to gather all the required documents and be aware of the applicable fees. By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can successfully complete your TEC registration online. Don’t hesitate to seek support if you encounter any difficulties during the registration process.

To get a TEC certification, you can follow these steps:
icon 01

Register on the TEC Portal

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Get a testing laboratory assigned

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Submit samples for testing

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Receive test reports

TEC Registration

TEC certification requires product testing in an accredited laboratory in India. After evaluation of the results of the product testing, the certificate is issued. The certificate contains details of the applicant, the product and the applicable Indian norms and standards, as well as the date of issue.

TEC Registration Process

Follow the given steps to complete your TEC Certification process: Step 1: Register on the TEC Portal Step 2: Allotment of the testing laboratory Step 3: Submit samples for testing Step 4: Receiving test reports Step 5: Submit documents and make payment to TEC Step 6: After successful verification, TEC will grant the certificate

TEC Registration Consultant

TEC certification is a mandatory certification for telecom equipment dealers to import, manufacture, and sell telecom equipment. TEC stands for Telecommunication Engineering Centre.

TEC Registration Certificate

The certificate is valid for five years from the date of issuance. For Foreign OEMs, the certificate is valid for five years or until the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or the Agreement for Import of Restricted Items (AIR) letter expires, whichever comes first


Ans. The registration process typically takes a few minutes if you have all the necessary documents and information readily available.

Ans. Currently, TEC registration is only available online through the official TEC website.

Ans. Currently, TEC registration is only available online through the official TEC website.

Ans. Aadhar Card, PAN card, and passport-size Size Photograph are required for TEC Registration 2023

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