BIS Certification for QCO Bolts IS Nuts and Fasteners IS 1363

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BIS Certification for QCO Bolts IS  Nuts and Fasteners IS 1363
29 Jul, 2023 By Evtl India

BIS Certification for QCO Bolts IS Nuts and Fasteners IS 1363

Mandatory BIS Registration Certification for QCO Upadte Bolts, Nuts, and Fasteners 

The information you provided indicates that as of July 21, 2023, the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT) has been actively developing and implementing Quality Control Orders (QCOs) for various products to address concerns related to the import of sub-standard goods, prevent unfair trade practices, and ensure consumer safety and environmental well-being.

The latest QCOs have been issued for nuts, fasteners, and bolts. Companies, depending on their size, have different deadlines to comply with the QCO requirements. Large companies must comply within 6 months, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have 9 months, and small industries have 12 months to comply.

Before the QCOs for nuts, fasteners, and bolts, the DPIIT had issued QCOs for potable water bottles and flame-producing lighters. The QCO for potable water bottles focuses on ensuring quality and safety for bottles made of copper, stainless steel, or aluminum. Under this QCO, the production and import of potable water bottles with these materials will require compulsory certification according to the appropriate standard.

The implementation of these QCOs aims to maintain high-quality standards for the specified products, promote fair trade practices, and protect the interests of consumers and the environment.

Companies in these sectors must be aware of the QCOs and make the necessary arrangements to ensure compliance within the given timelines. Failure to comply may result in penalties or other regulatory actions enforced by the authorities.

BIS Mark Registration Update for QCO Bolts, Nuts, and Fasteners (Bureau of Indian Standards)

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national standard body of India. The BIS is responsible for the standardization, marking, and quality certification of goods. The BIS mark is required for the production, sale, trade, import, and stocking of items. 

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a Quality Control Order (QCO) for Bolts, Nuts, and Fasteners. The QCO specifies adherence to Indian Standards: 

  • 1363 (Part 1):2019
  • 1363 (Part 2): 2018
  • 1363 (Part 3): 2018
  • 1364 (Part 1):2018
  • 1364 (Part 2) :2018

The BIS certification for Hexagonal Bolts, Nuts and Screws is as per IS 1363 (Part 1, 2 and 3) and IS 1364 (Part 1 and 2). 

The BIS certification for imports ensures that products brought into India from other countries adhere to the specified Indian standards and regulations.

The Bolts Nuts Fasteners Indian Standard Code

Goods or articles

Indian Standard

Title of Indian Standard

Bolts, Nuts and Fasteners

1363 (Part 1):2019

Hexagon Head Bolts, Screws and Nuts of product Grade C Hexagon Head Bolts (Size Range M 5 to M 64)

1363 (Part 2): 2018

Hexagon Head Screw (Size ranges from M 5 to M 64)

1363 (Part 3): 2018

Hexagon Head Bolts, Screws and Nuts of product Grade C - Hexagon Nuts (Size Range M5 to M64)

1364 (Part 1):2018

Hexagon Head Bolts, Screws and Nuts of product Grades A and B - Hexagon Head Bolts (Size Range M 1.6 To M 64)

1364 (Part 2) :2018

Hexagon Head Bolts, Screws and Nuts of Product Grades A and B - Hexagon Head Screws (Size Range M 1.6 to M 64)


Indicating Bolts for use in public baths and lavatories


Flush Bolts


Fasteners - Threaded Steel Fastener - Step Bolts for Steel Structures


Fasteners - Threaded Steel Fasteners - Hexagon Head Transmission Tower Bolts


High Strength Structural Bolts

204 (Part 2): 1992

Tower Bolts- Non-ferrous metals

204 (Part 1):1991

Tower Bolts- Ferrous metals


Stainless Steel Sliding Door Bolts (Aldrops) for use With Padlocks


Non-ferrous metal sliding door bolts (aldrops) for use with padlocks


Mild steel sliding door bolts for use with padlocks


Sliding locking bolts for use with padlocks


Wrought Aluminium Alloy Bolt and Screw Stock for General Engineering purposes


Stainless steel Tower Bolts


High Strength Structural Nuts

The Bolts Nuts Fasteners QCO 2023.Pdf


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You can contact us via email at or by phone at 9560935898. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for the support you need.
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