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BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Everyone claims the environment is important and considers it as a higher priority; some act pro-environmentally. But it is not enough to consider it as an important or act pro-environmental, for this individual must take the initiative to save energy. Energy is the future, and its conservation is the way of the bright future. I would tell you that  on 1st March, The Government of India has implemented the innovative initiative to conserve energy under the provision of the Energy Conservative Act, 2001 - BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY (BEE). In performing its functions under the Energy Conservation Act, BEE plays a key role in coordinating with designated customers, designated agencies, and other organizations and recognizing, identifying, and utilizing existing resources and infrastructure. As a global civilization, we generate and utilize more energy than ever before, and the need for energy continues to rise. Every individual must support energy conservation by implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle. We rely on energy in practically every aspect of our existence. We want to live comfortable, productive, and pleasant lives. The Energy Conservation Act regulates and promotes energy conservation.


Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and government agency. It works under the Ministry of Power. Ministry of Power agency develops a program that convinces everyone to use energy efficiently and increases the conservation of energy. BEE assigns a star rating to appliances based on the results of the tests. To get this certification you can contact a BEE certificate consultant.

I would tell you another very important function of BEE is to set the standards and label for marking star-rating of various appliances. When a manufacturer creates a new model and wants to get it certified, they conduct testing on it according to BEE's protocols and then apply for star certification using the results of the tests.


Compliance: The producer or industry would be certain to comply with the law if they obtained this type of accreditation. Furthermore, this accreditation would guarantee that the manufacturer conforms to the Energy Act of 2001.

Reputation: This certification would secure the manufacturer's or industry's reputation for adhering to the applicable requirements.

Standards: When it comes to energy efficiency, there are specific standards that must be followed. This type of certification would ensure that such standards are maintained as per the law's requirements.

Efficiency: This BEE certification ensures that a certain level of efficiency is maintained by manufacturers or industries. This would ensure that the Energy Act of 2001's principles for energy efficiency is followed.


First you have to submit your samples and documents to a laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for testing and obtain the test report

Then collect the necessary paperwork, register your brand on the BEE portal and make the online payment for the security deposit fee

Next submit a printed and signed application, along with all the relevant attachments, to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency through an Authorized Signatory

Then provide any requested clarifications and additional information to BEE Registration

After that once your brand/company registration is approved, BEE Certificate will activate the link for model registration

Next complete the online application form

Then assemble the requisite information and documents, and then upload them to the BEE portal

Now make the online payment for the model registration fee to BEE

Next submit a printed and signed copy of the application, along with all the necessary attachments and a sample of the BEE Label Registration if required

After that provide any requested clarifications and additional details if BEE makes such a request After successfully verifying all documents, BEE will grant permission for affixing the label on your product.



BEE Registration begins with the testing of a sample to determine the rate of energy consumption. At the time of MODEL Registration, the test report will be required. Applicant needs to send the sample and technical documentation to a NABL-accredited lab for testing and receive the results.

Two types of testing are done, which are as follows:

  1. Performance Testing - All items covered by the BEE Registration are subjected to performance testing. It aids in depicting the product's performance, and a star rating is assigned as a result.

  2. Safety Testing - The samples covered by BEE and BIS are subjected to safety testing. This test is used to determine whether the product is consumer-friendly or not.


A BEE-rating certificate is required to demonstrate a product's level of performance and electricity usage. BEE Registration Consultant awareness of energy efficiency and conservation and shares information about it. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency's purpose is to "institutionalize" energy efficiency services, enable delivery methods across the country, and lead energy efficiency in all industries. Its primary objective is to reduce energy intensity in the economy. Indicators of product efficiency and performance in terms of electricity consumption are included in the certificate.

BEE Registration Star-rating Certificate


  • First of all proof of the manufacturing unit's legal address

  • Then copy of Factory License in English, describing the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the manufacturing unit's address.

  • After that user manual with sample for testing

  • Then finally a copy of the BIS license, including the expiration date and a list of all models.

  1. Documentation - The below-mentioned documents are gathered in the first step. Compile the required documentation and register the brand on the BEE site, as well as pay the security deposit amount online.

  2. Submit application - Once the document has been collected, the application must be submitted to the BEE Department both online and offline. Submit a hard copy of the application to BEE, along with all attachments, duly signed by the Authorized Signatory. If BEE Clarification or additional information, provide the same.

  3. Scrutiny of Documents - Scrutiny of application will be done by BEE officials to ensure that the documents submitted are in the specified order or not. BEE Officials will verify the documents whether all documents are submitted, properly filed or not.

  4. Grant of Login Credential - Once BEE Officials get satisfied with the provided document and application, they provide BEE Login Credentials by email. On approval of Brand / Company Registration, BEE will activate the link for model registration.


You should must ensure that the documents you submits are in the specified order. Every document submitted to BEE Registration Process must include the authorized signatory's signature and stamp in the original. Those documents which are not properly filed, are loose or clipped, or are just stapled will be rejected. Non-compliance with the application would be treated as a deviation from the process.

The following documents are required for brand registration:

  1. First a cover letter in the prescribed format

  2. Then Registration Fee and Payment Receipt for the Company

  3. After that Print out the Online Company Registration Form (properly signed and stamped with company seal with all filled in details)

  4. Then Agreement between BEE & User of Label on Rs.100 Non-Judicial Stamp Paper

  5. Certificate of Trademarks (In the Name of the User of Label)

  6. SSI certificate (Small Scale Industry and applying for the first time)

  7. Quality Management System Certificate (ISO 9001)

  8. Authorized Signatory Letter

  9. At last BIS License

  1. Documentation: The below-mentioned documents are gathered in the first step. Gather all relevant data and documents and upload them on the BEE portal.

  2. BEE Sample Label preparation: A single test is performed, based on which BEE Sample level is prepared. It assists the consumer in determining the product's energy-saving and cost-saving potential.

  3. Test report: Product testing is carried out for model registration, and it is divided into two types: performance testing and safety testing. The test reports are needed to submit for model registration.

  4. Scrutiny of Application: BEE officials will examine the application, test report and documents. If the document presented are not in order, not properly filed, are loose or clipped, or are just stapled will be rejected.

  5. Model Registration (Online/Offline Submission): Applicant must apply BEE both online and offline as per the model. Make an online payment to BEE for the model registration fee. Submit a hard copy of the application, along with all enclosures duly signed by the Authorized Signatory and a BEE Label Specimen, if applicable. If BEE requests clarification or additional information, provide the same.

  6. Grant of Approval: BEE officials approve if they are satisfied with the application, documentation, and sample test report. When BEE is satisfied, it approves the application and gives authority to attach the label.

Fee for BEE Registration



Company registration(Large scale)


Company registration(Small scale)


Model registration(Per model)


Label fees(Per label)

Changes depending upon the appliance

  1. Covering Letter

  2. Model Registration fee for each model

  3. Print out the Online Application form

  4. Print out the Mandatory Form and its Annexure form.

  5. Test Report Test

  6. Sample Label of each model must be stapled along with the online application form of that particular model.

How can I register in bee?

Fill up the online Application Form. Compile the necessary information and documents and upload the same to the BEE portal. Make the online payment of the model registration fee to BEE. Submit the hard copy of the application with all enclosures duly signed by the Authorized Signatory along with the Specimen of BEE Label, as applicable

What is bee certification?

What is the BEE Certification? The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is an agency established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Energy. It was established in 2001 under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act 2001. The BEE certification aims to monitor the energy and cost savings targets.

How can I get a bee certificate in India?
  1. Process of obtaining the BEE Certification in India

  2. Testing of the appliance to check for energy consumption.

  3. Applying for BEE certification

  4. Submitting the application or the BEE license form via filling out the BEE license online application to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Mandatory Porducts List Scheme for Bee Registration
Sr.No. Equipments Name Notifications/ Gazette Sample Label PDF/CDR
1 Frost Free Refrigerator Frost Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
2 Stationary Storage Type Electric Water Heater Electric Geysers Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
3 Colour Television Color TV Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
4 Washing Machine (Semi/Top Load/Front Load) Washing Machine Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
5 Room Air Conditioner (Variable Speed) IAC Notification/ Gazette Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
6 TFL Tubular Fluorescent Lamps Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
7 LED LAMPS LED Notification/ Gazette Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
8 Chillers Chiller Notification/ Gazette Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
9 Light Commercial AC Fixed Speed LCAC Notification/ Gazzete Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
10 Deep Freezers Deep Freezer Notification/ Gazzete Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
11 Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Televisions UHD Notification/ Gazzete Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
12 Room Air Conditioner (Fixed Speed) Room Air Conditioners Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
13 RAC (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC) RAC (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC) Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
14 Distribution Transformer Distribution Transformer Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
15 Direct Cool Refrigerator Direct Cool Refrigerator Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
16 Ceiling Fan Ceiling Fans Download in PDF Format Download in Compressed Format
How do I register for Bureau of Energy Efficiency?
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BEE Registration Consultant


A: BEE stands for Black Economic Empowerment, and BEE Registration is a process through which businesses in South Africa can obtain a BEE Certificate. This certificate is crucial for demonstrating a commitment to economic transformation and empowerment, particularly for historically disadvantaged individuals and communities. Many government and private sector entities require BEE compliance for business partnerships and contracts.

A: BEE Registration is not mandatory for all businesses, but it is highly recommended, especially for those seeking to engage in government contracts or partnerships with BEE-compliant entities. Larger businesses are often required to comply with BEE regulations, and even smaller businesses can benefit from the competitive advantages that come with having a BEE Certificate.

A: The process involves several steps, including completing a BEE self-assessment, gathering relevant documentation, and submitting an application to a BEE Verification Agency. The agency will evaluate the information provided and issue a BEE Certificate based on the business's level of compliance with BEE criteria. It's advisable to seek assistance from professionals familiar with BEE regulations to ensure a smooth application process.

A: BEE compliance is evaluated based on various criteria, including ownership, management control, skills development, enterprise and supplier development, and socio-economic development. The BEE scorecard assigns points for meeting specific targets in these areas. The higher the score, the higher the level of BEE compliance, ranging from Level 1 (highest) to Level 8 (lowest)

A: The duration for receiving a BEE Certificate can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the business structure and the completeness of the application. Generally, it may take a few weeks to a few months. To expedite the process, it's essential to ensure that all required documentation is accurate and complete before submitting the application. Additionally, working with an experienced BEE Verification Agency can help streamline the evaluation and certification process.

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