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Process For Drug License


Documentation is a crucial element in the whole licensing process. Correct documentation makes the process hassle-free and leads to a successful grant of license. The list of documents required for the Wholesale /Retail sale drug Licence depends on the applicant's type and business activity.


Generation of a User ID and Password

The applicant is to register for a user ID and password. Once The User ID and password once generated are sent to the registered mail ID of the applicant. The applicant can apply for the generation of a user ID and password.


Application Filing

The applicant applies for the grant of a Drug license to the respective Drug Controlling Authority of the state. For each type of license, a separate application is filed via different forms prescribed for it. There is no provision for one central certificate/license covering all states. The applicant is to file separate applications for each store.


Inspection of the premises

Before the grant of a drug license, the drug inspector having jurisdiction of the area visits the premises where the drug license is required and verifies the particulars furnished with the application and measures the premises. He also checks the area of the premises, whether it is on mixed land use or in a commercial.


Scrutinization of Application

The concerned Drug Inspector verifies the details and the documents uploaded in the online application with his observations on his visit. He may raise a clarification in the application. The applicant must reply to the clarification within 3 days of it. Non-furnishing a satisfactory reply may lead to the cancellation of the application.


Issue of License

After satisfactory verification of the documents and the details, the Drug Control Department issues the Drug License. The issued license is valid for five years and is valid after that, subject to its renewal.

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