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Required Documents

Required Documents for IMEI Registration

  • The technical specification document for each field must be filled out in the registration form's specification section.
  • The precise model for which the organization seeks IMEI certification must then be filled out.
  • A signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from the director or owner of the organization from which he intends to import in the future is necessary for importers of all types of mobile equipment devices. The signed non-disclosure agreement must then be returned in both hardcopy and electronic format.
  • Manufacturer agreements require that the importer obtain a Rs. 100/- stamp paper (properly notarized) and fill it out completely. then obtain the same indication from the organization's director or owner. 
  • The manufacturer agreement must be sent by the importer to the MSAI (mobile standard alliance India) headquarters, which is situated in Delhi. Download JPG and PDF Files for Reference

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