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Required Documents

Here is a list of Commonly Required Documents for ISI Certification in Indian Manufacture

Checklist of documents required for submission of BIS application


  1. Copy of Partnership Deed / MOA (for Private Limited Co.)
  2. GST & MSME with proper mentioning of about office & factory address 
  3. Premises document / Rent Agreement 
  4. List of Machinery in the following format:  (Excel Format)



S. No.












































  1. List of Raw Material in the following format:



S .No



Raw Material



Name of Supplier


With or Without

BIS Certification mark


Test Certificate of the supplier


How Received

Batches / Lots Nature of Package












































  1. List of Testing Equipment in the following format: (WITH MAKE)   (Excel Format)




Test Equipment/Chemicals and Identification

Numbers (Where applicable)



Least Count & Range (Where applicable)


Valid Calibration (Where

required) Yes/No


Test Used in with Clause Reference


Remarks (Indicate number of Equipment)













































  1. Maximunu installed capacity and no. of unit produced last year in RS.
  2. Process flow chart .
  3. Layout plan of premises (indicating location of Lab, Storage area, manufacturing area, packaging area etc.). with lab dimension and details
  4. Appointment letter of QCI (lab in-charge) along with his qualification certificate and a govt. id and year of Experience of QC and passport size photo in jpeg .
  5. Test certificate of raw materials.
  6. Factory Test Report
  7. Letter head in word format
  8. Calibration certificate of testing equipment
  9. Designation of all top members management with contact no. & mail ID.
  10. Quantity per package –
  11. Nature of packing of product (eg.carton /boxes…) –
  12. Nature of Printing on the product (e.g. embossing, labelling, printing ….) –
  13. Trade Mark or brand certificate
  14. Name of contact person ,Designation and Mail ID


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