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Automatic Data Processing Machines (ADPMs) encompass electronic devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and servers that play a crucial role in data processing. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has established IS 13252 (Part 1):2010 as the technical standard for registering ADPMs in India. As the national standards body, BIS ensures that these electronic products adhere to specific quality, safety, and performance standards before they can be sold or imported within the country. Manufacturers or importers of ADPMs are required to undergo the BIS registration process to demonstrate their compliance with the standard. This entails rigorous testing of the products in accredited laboratories to verify their adherence to the specified criteria. Once the ADPMs successfully pass the testing and meet the necessary standards, the BIS certification mark can be affixed to the products, signifying their compliance.

BIS registration for ADPMs is mandatory in India, and failure to comply can lead to legal repercussions, including penalties and the prohibition of product sales in the Indian market. The registration process serves as a safeguard for consumers, assuring the safety, reliability, and quality of ADPMs available within the country.


To register your product under the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme), you must fulfill the following requirements: You need to be a Manufacturer and not a Seller: It is important to note that the Indian BIS License is granted exclusively to manufacturers and not to importers or sellers. Importers may act as the Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) of foreign manufacturers and can submit the application to BIS. However, the final license is only granted to the manufacturer.

Mandatory Registration: If you are a manufacturer of any product covered under the CRS Scheme, it is mandatory to register your product before introducing it to the market.

Compliance with Indian Standard Specifications: Manufacturers seeking BIS registration must ensure that their products conform to the requirements of the relevant Indian Standard Specifications.

Self-Declaration of Conformity: As part of the registration process, you need to provide a self-declaration of conformity, affirming that your product meets the necessary standards and requirements.

Manufacturing Infrastructure: The self-declaration also signifies that your manufacturing infrastructure is capable of producing quality products and includes the required testing facilities. You should be able to conduct the necessary product testing within the prescribed period at your premises.

By meeting these BIS registration requirements, you demonstrate your commitment to producing quality products that comply with the prescribed standards, ensuring consumer safety and satisfaction.


The BIS Registration procedure for ADPMs varies based on the geographic location of the manufacturing unit. The registration process for domestic (Indian) manufacturers differs from that for foreign manufacturers.

A) The Registration Process For Foreign Manufacturers Involves The Following Steps:
STEP : 1 Appoint an Indian Representative who can act on behalf of the foreign manufacturer.
STEP : 2 Submit a test request with a BIS & NABL-approved laboratory.
STEP : 3 Submit samples according to BIS standards.
STEP : 4 Once the test report is available, submit the registration on the BIS portal on behalf of the manufacturer and the Indian representative.
STEP : 5 The registration department will then conduct a scrutiny of the submission.
STEP : 6 Upon completion of the scrutiny, the department will provide an R number and grant a license.

The Registration Process For Domestic Manufacturers Involves The Following Steps:


Clause 1:- Submit a test request with a BIS & ISI-approved laboratory.
Clause 2:- Submit samples according to BIS standards.
Clause 3:- Once the test report is available, submit the registration on the BIS portal on behalf of the manufacturer and the Indian representative.
Clause 4:- The registration department will then conduct a scrutiny of the submission.
Clause 5:- The registration department will then conduct a scrutiny of the submission.


To complete the BIS Registration process for electronic products under the CRS scheme, you will need to provide the following documents:

For Indian Manufacturer  

1. Trademark Certificate of Company 

2. GST Certificate of Company 

3. Application form 

4. Model no. of Products 

5. KYC Documents of Authorized Representative (Pan card, Adhar card, Mobile No., Email Id,) 


For Foreign Manufacturer

1. Business Licence of Manufacturer (Chinese to English language) 

2. Trademark Certificate of Company 

3. Application form 

4. Model No. of Products 


In the Case of AIR (All India Representative) 

1. GST Certificate of Company 

2. KYC Documents of Authorized AIR (Pan card, Adhar card, Mobile No., Email Id,) 

1 When selecting a laboratory for product testing, ensure that the lab's license is valid and not suspended. It is also important to check if the laboratory is not in the middle of or about to undergo an audit.
2 Before shipping samples, ensure that all arrangements have been made for the entire shipment from your location to the testing laboratory's door.
3 All documents should be signed by the manufacturer, brand owner, and Indian representative. Additionally, the documents should be notarized and stamped by the brand owner and Indian representative.
4 Provide accurate and concise product details in the Construction Data form (CDF), and provide brief and accurate information about product components in the Critical Component List (CCL).
5 Test reports are valid for 3 months/90 days. Before the expiry of the test report, it should be submitted to BIS. If you are unable to submit the report to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), you will need to submit a new sample for testing.
6 Ensure that all required documents are ready before testing the sample.
7 After submitting the documents, including the test report, the Indian BIS typically takes about 15 days to approve the registration. In some cases, the approval process may take longer, such as 30 to 60 days, which is a more realistic timeline to expect.
8 Choose a BIS-recognized testing organization and an experienced compliance partner unless you have the expertise and/or office in India to assist you.


It is essential for manufacturers, importers, and sellers of ADPMs to familiarize themselves with the requirements specified in IS 13252 (Part 1):2010. Engaging with authorized BIS certification bodies is crucial for a successful completion of the registration process, ensuring adherence to the necessary standards and facilitating the lawful sale and import of ADPMs in India.

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