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BIS For Circuit Breakers Ac Operation

Product Description

Circuit breakers for AC operation are like automatic switches that turn off the electricity when there's too much current in a circuit. They're designed for systems that use alternating current (AC).



Circuit breakers for AC operation are like automatic switches that turn off the electricity when there's too much current in a circuit. They're designed for systems that use alternating current (AC).

IS 60898-1:2015 covers circuit breakers for a.c operation. This part of IEC 60898 applies to AC air-break circuit-breakers that operate at 50 Hz or 60 Hz and have a rated voltage of not more than 440 V, a rated current of not more than 125 A, and a rated short-circuit capacity of not more than 25,000 A.

These circuit breakers are intended to protect against over currents in building wiring installations and similar applications; they are designed for use by uninstructed people. This standard also applies to circuit breakers with more than one rated current, provided that the means for changing from one discrete rating to another is not accessible in normal service, and the rating cannot be changed without the use of a tool.

This standard does not apply to circuit-breakers designed to protect motors and whose current setting is adjustable via user-accessible means. IEC 60898-2 specifies the requirements for a.c. and d.c. circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are classified based on several criteria, including the number of poles, protection against external influences, connection methods, fixation system, etc.

To obtain ISI Registration for Circuit Breakers AC Operation, manufacturers must comply with the specifications outlined in IS/IEC 60898-1:2015 and meet the necessary quality standards. ISI Certification for Circuit Breakers AC Operation is essential for ensuring that these electrical devices adhere to the prescribed safety and performance requirements. Manufacturers must obtain an ISI Certificate for Circuit Breakers AC Operation from the Bureau of Indian Standards to demonstrate their compliance with the specified standards and ensure the reliability of these crucial electrical components.


Tests shall be carried out as per the method specified in the standard.

·       Tripping Test

·       Temperature Rise

·       Tripping Characteristics

·       Resistance to Mechanical Shock

BIS Documents For Domestic and Foreign Manufacturer Checklist

BIS ISI Registration for Normal Process

BIS ISI Mark Certification Costing And Timeline

BIS ISI Mark Certification Timeline and costing
Note: foreign applications will be submitted through an offline process only. we can only check the grant of CML no. on the BIS portal for foreign applications


1.     Increased Sales: When your products are BIS certified, it means they're likely to be of better quality. This makes customers trust your products more, leading to more sales.

2.     Cost Savings on Quality: Once you have the certification, you don't need to worry about extra quality checks because your products are already known to be good. This saves you money.

3.     Builds Trust and Reduces Risk: BIS-certified items are real and dependable. They work well and last a long time, which reduces the risk of problems or harm to the environment.

4.     Assured High Quality: When a product has a BIS registration number, it's a clear sign that it's of top quality and can be trusted.

5.     Boosts Business Growth: BIS certification improves your product's reputation, which can lead to more growth and increased visibility in the market. It's beneficial for expanding your business.


Circuit breakers for AC operation come under the mandatory ISI Certification Scheme, which adheres to the IS 60898-1:2015 standard in India. To import, export, or sell this product in the Indian consumer market, manufacturers must have the ISI Mark. If you require assistance with BIS ISI registration for Circuit breakers for AC operation or ISI mark certification for Circuit breakers for AC operation you can rely on Evtlindia.

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We offer complete support for all the necessary paperwork at the BIS office in India, making the registration process smooth and hassle-free. We're here to guide you through the entire procedure from start to finish.

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