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BIS Certification For Cold Rolled Steel Strips

Product Description

Cold-rolled steel strips are metal strips that have been made smooth by rolling them through machines at regular temperatures.



Cold-rolled steel strips are metal strips that have been made smooth by rolling them through machines at regular temperatures.

IS 2507:1975 outlines the specifications for cold-rolled steel strips designed for spring manufacturing across various applications. This standard establishes the essential requirements for ensuring the quality of cold-rolled steel strips employed in the production of springs.

For compliance with general requirements, IS 1387:1967 sets the standards for the supply of steel strips. The production of steel shall utilize processes such as open hearth, electric furnace, duplex furnace, basic oxygen furnace, or a combination of these methods. It is imperative that the steel used is of the killed variety to meet the stipulated standards.

In addition to adhering to IS 2507:1975 and IS 1387:1967, manufacturers engaging in the production of cold-rolled steel strips must obtain ISI Certification for their products. This involves obtaining ISI Registration for Cold Rolled Steel Strips, and the resulting certification is referred to as the ISI Certificate for Cold Rolled Steel Strips. This certification is instrumental in ensuring that the cold-rolled steel strips comply with the specified standards, offering a mark of quality and conformity for these products in the market.


All tests shall be performed in accordance with the method specified in the standard.

·       Freedom from defects

·       Decarburization

·       Edge condition

·       Chemical composition

·       Dimension & tolerances

·       Physical properties

BIS Documents For Domestic and Foreign Manufacturer Checklist

BIS ISI Registration for Normal Process

BIS ISI Mark Certification Costing And Timeline

BIS ISI Mark Certification Timeline and costing
Note: foreign applications will be submitted through an offline process only. we can only check the grant of CML no. on the BIS portal for foreign applications


Cold-rolled steel strips fall under the mandatory ISI Certification Scheme, which adheres to the IS 2507:1975 standard in India. To import, export, or sell this product in the Indian consumer market, manufacturers must have the ISI Mark. If you require assistance with BIS ISI registration for cold-rolled steel strips or ISI mark certification for cold-rolled steel strips you can rely on Evtlindia.

We offer complete support for all the necessary paperwork at the BIS office in India, making the registration process smooth and hassle-free. We're here to guide you through the entire procedure from start to finish. If you need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or by phone at 9560935898. We're always here to help.

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