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Polyaluminium chlorid is a chemical used to clean and purify water. It's very important for making water safe to drink and for other uses in factories and cities.PAC is made from special types of aluminum and a chemical called hydrochloric acid. It usually comes as a yellowish to brownish liquid, but sometimes it's a powder. When we put PAC into water, it does a special job. It makes tiny particles and dirt in the water stick together to form bigger clumps. These clumps are easier to remove from the water. We can do this by letting the clumps settle down to the bottom or by passing the water through filters. PAC is great for cleaning up water. It gets rid of things like dirt, bits of stuff, and even some metals that are harmful if we drink them. People use PAC in places like water treatment plants, factories, and even in some swimming pools. It's a helpful tool to make sure our water is clean and safe for everyone to use.

IS 15573:2018 is a set of rules for a chemical called "Polyaluminium chloride" or PAC. These rules were made by the Bureau of Indian Standards, and they were approved by a group of experts.


1.     The liquid should be clear or slightly yellow, and the powder should be pale yellow. They both need to be clean and free of other stuff.

2.     So, in simple words, these rules tell us how to make sure that the Polyaluminium chloride we use to clean water is of good quality and does its job well.

3.     It's all about keeping our water clean and safe to use.

4.     The packaging and labeling of Polyaluminium chloride should follow the rules in IS 15573:2018. When this chemical is in liquid form, it needs to be stored or transported in tankers that are resistant to acid and have rubber or plastic linings inside.

5.     Each container holding this chemical should have specific information on it, as mentioned in the standard.

6.     If the Polyaluminium chloride meets all the requirements in the standard, it can have a special mark called the ISI mark on its container.

7.     This mark shows that it's of good quality and meets the set standards.

8.     To use this ISI mark, the manufacturer needs to get a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards to make sure they follow the rules and maintain quality standards.

9.     In simple terms, these rules make sure that Polyaluminium chloride is handled and labeled correctly, and that it meets the required quality standards before it reaches the users.


The following test shall be carried out in accordance with the method specified in the standard.

·       Specific gravity

·       Bulk density

·       pH of 5% solution

·       Relative basicity

·       Insoluble matter

·       Determination of Aluminium Oxide

·       Chloride

·       Viscosity        

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

To know the process in detail, please visit:

ISI Mark Certification for Domestic And Foreign Manufactures

Under BIS Registration Products ISI and CRS

Benefits of BIS Certification

Getting BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) registration for your products has some really good advantages:

1.  More Sales: When your products have BIS registration, it means they're likely to be better quality. Customers trust this, so you'll probably sell more.

2.  Saves Money on Quality: Once you get the certification, you don't need to worry about extra quality rules because your products are already known to be good.

3.  Builds Trust and Less Risk: BIS-certified items are real and reliable. They work well and last a long time, so there's less chance of problems or harming the environment.

4.  High-Quality Guaranteed: When a product has a BIS registration number, it's a sign that it's top-quality and trustworthy.

5.  Helps Your Business Grow: BIS certification makes your product's reputation better, which can lead to more growth and getting noticed in the market. It's good for expanding your business.


Polyaluminium chloride has been included in the mandatory ISI Certification Scheme under the IS 15573:2018 standard. Manufacturers cannot import, export, or sell this product in the Indian consumer market without the ISI Mark.

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