WPC means Wireless Planning and Coordination. It's like the boss for broadcasting in India and was started in 1952. It's part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Wireless Planning and Coordination, known as WPC, is the organization that provides ETA Certificates. This certificate is like a license that allows you to bring in and sell wireless products in India

To get a WPC ETA Certificate, first, you need to do some tests to check the radio frequencies of your device. After that, prepare all the necessary documents. Then, you can apply for the certificate through an online portal. Submit your documents, and once everything is in order, you'll receive the WPC ETA Certificate.

The Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a part of the Department of Telecommunications in India, which is under the Ministry of Communications. This department handles things like giving out licenses for amateur radio, assigning radio frequencies, and keeping an eye on how those frequencies are used.

When you want permission for Equipment Type Approval, you need to apply to the Wireless Adviser to the Government of India. You'll also need to prepare and submit the necessary documents, including a full copy of the Radio Test report (RF test report) from a certified test lab that checked your product.

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