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By Ifra Naaj

Choose the reliable BIS certification consultants in China

BIS certification is defined as providing the consumer with third party assurance of health, durability and product consistency. BIS certification is optional; as of now, this certification has been declared mandatory by the government of India for several goods considering public safety. If you are also one of those looking for BIS consultants, you landed at the right place. As EVTL, we are one of the most reliable BIS certification consultants and offer you the right service.

Best BIS Consultant in China

EVTL INDIA, Head-quartered in Delhi, Indiaoperates in the field of BIS registration and licensing across India. We cover all aspects of license consulting services based on client information. Our reputation in the market is built on quick delivery, flawless administration, and cost-effective pricing. When providing these services, our trained team members carefully consider every aspect to prevent any discomfort.

As the one-stop solution for all types of certification, we rank at the top in providing services involving BIS certification consultants. Highly qualified practitioners perform all services using advanced methodologies. Our programs are appreciated for their quick delivery and continuity. We always ensure that our customers receive the right solution based on their requirements at an affordable price range.

Why is BIS registration essential?

BIS registration is crucial for producers of electronic products such as automobile accessories, cylinders, and other related items, as well as for those in the fertilizers and chemicals industry. Failure to obtain BIS certification means that manufacturers of these products cannot obtain permission to sell and market their goods in the domestic market.

For international businesses looking to enter the Indian market, obtaining BIS certification is also imperative. This certification is mandatory before introducing products within India's borders, as it serves as documentation mandated by the Indian government to verify the quality of marketed products, ensuring they meet specified parameters and standards.

Additionally, industries such as cement manufacturing, footwear, food, and various related sectors must also obtain BIS certification to market their products in India. Even producers of wiring cables used in electrical installations, switches, and various industrial products are required to obtain this certification. Certified products can be identified by the presence of the ISI logo on the packaging, accompanied by a seven-digit license number and the IS number assigned by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

How can you obtain BIS certification?

The BIS office issues BIS certification in conformity with the authorized China standard, considering the safety testing of the content.EVTL, one of China's best BIS Consultants, assists foreign and China manufacturers who want to market and sell their goods in China.

The certification program of BIS product

The BIS certification program for goods is one of the largest across the country. BIS Certification requires licenses to apply the standard ISI mark associated with quality goods on the label. According to recent guidelines from the Ministry, 90 items require BIS registration. BIS also maintains the validation system primarily for international manufacturers, where overseas factories may need to use the BIS standard label. As a trusted organization, our main focus is to involve all the necessary assistance from the supplier's end to register for BIS research. Acting as a legal agent on behalf of production units, we develop presentations to submit the product for testing in BIS licensed testing centers and complete the necessary documentation. Providing the required resources and facilitating customer clearance accommodation are integral parts of our process.

The time needed to get the certification

EVTL, one of the most trusted BIS certification consultants, typically requires applicants to wait for 20 to 30 working days to receive the certification, provided the submitted information is accurate. Meanwhile, the government recommends authority producers to obtain BIS approval by thoroughly inspecting the products in the BIS licenses in-house laboratories until candidates establish the laboratories on their property. Hence, the issuance of the certification may take up to 30-45 days.

Reason for choosing us

EVTL, a customer-conscious organization, provides a wide range of BIS Consultancy to clients at a cost-effective price. Our highly qualified experts, with a great understanding of the industry, manage a well-suited service plan. In turn, our devotion to the top level of consumer service allows us to address customer grievances in the developing industry efficiently.

Experienced Team Ensures BIS Certification Process

Our team of experts, boasting years of experience in the BIS certification process, is fully equipped to handle your needs.

Dedicated Point of Contact Streamlines Process

We prioritize each client's needs by assigning several project managers to every project, ensuring seamless task completion. This approach guarantees a stress-free registration process with a designated point of contact overseeing certification.

Established Reputation Sets Us Apart

Choose us for our stellar reputation in the market. Renowned as the most experienced and top-ranked, we bring specialized knowledge to every project.

We Promise Seamless Services

When you select us as your BIS certification consultants in China, you won't need to stress much about the work because we maintain transparency in our operations. We don't impose any additional charges. Instead, our consultants will diligently assist you, comprehend your requirements, and offer valuable advice.


In conclusion, EVTL stands out as the premier choice for BIS certification consultancy needs in China. As the best BIS consultant in China, we offer top-notch services tailored to meet your requirements. With our experienced team of experts and dedication to transparency, we ensure a seamless registration process. Whether you're in need of a top BIS registration consultant or seeking reliable BIS consultancy services for China, EVTL is your trusted partner. Count on us for unparalleled expertise, exceptional service, and a commitment to your success in navigating the BIS certification landscape.

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