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BIS Milk for Dairy Product Certification

BIS Milk for Dairy Product Certification
By Ritika Rathor

BIS Certification Process For Milk And Dairy Product Certification


Milk and milk products, along with butter, ghee, ice cream, milk powder, cheese, and concentrated milk, are highly consumed commodities in India. Ensuring the entire hygiene and exceptional of those merchandise is critical. Hence, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has introduced a unique certification scheme known as the "Conformity Assessment Scheme" with the help of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) on the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairy.

This scheme covers various components of the Food Safety Management System, Dairy Product Certification, and Process Certification for dairies, aiming to fulfill all regulatory, product, and system requirements. It got here into effect on 23rd December 2021 and ensures milk safety across the complete milk processing chain, instilling self-assurance in customers with a unified logo combining the BIS-ISI mark, milk dairy products NDDB-Quality Mark, and Kamdhenu Cow.


In Accordance With This Scheme, The Bureau Has The Authority To Grant License(S) To A Dairy Unit/Organization Based On The Following Conditions:

  •  When the dairy unit/organization demonstrates compliance with the Food Safety Management System as per the requirements outlined in IS/ISO 22000.
  •  When the milk and milk products meet the corresponding Indian Standard milk Product.
  •  When the dairy unit/organization shows compliance with the prescribed process parameters as per this scheme.

The Process Of The Conformity Assessment Scheme To Get a Milk Processing BIS Mark Involves The Following Steps:

Application: Dairy units/organizations interested in certification submit applications to the respective Regional Office, along with required documents and fees.

Pre-requisites: The dairy unit must hold a valid License from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), implement a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) according to IS/ISO 22000, and comply with process requirements and relevant Indian Standards.

Application Review: The Management Systems Certification Officer reviews the application, requesting additional information if necessary.

Audit Programme: A comprehensive audit plan is created, covering Stage 1, Stage 2, surveillance, and re-certification audits.

Determining Audit Time: Audit duration is calculated based on factors like FSMS evaluation, machinery, equipment verification, and milk product testing.

Planning Audits: Objectives, scope, and criteria are defined, and the audit team is appointed.

Stage 1 Audit: This stage assesses readiness and conformity to specific requirements.

Stage 2 Audit: It evaluates compliance with all food safety management system standards and relevant BIS Milk Standards including process controls and product conformity.

During both audits, any non-conformities are recorded, and corrective actions must be taken within a specified timeframe. Findings are communicated to the applicant.

After completing of this process and getting the BIS Milk Quality Control Certificate or Milk Processing BIS Mark one can assure that the milk products meet quality and safety standards, boosting consumer confidence and fostering a quality-driven dairy industry culture.



The implementation of this Conformity Assessment Scheme marks a crucial milestone in ensuring the quality and food safety of milk and milk products nationwide. The scheme's benefits include simplifying the process of BIS Milk Quality Control Certificate, introducing a recognizable logo to assure the public of dairy product quality, boosting sales in the organized sector, and ultimately enhancing farmers' income. Moreover, it will foster a culture of quality in the dairy sector, contributing to the overall improvement of the industry.

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