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By Ritika Rathor

ISI Mark Certification India

ISI Mark Certificate Registration

An Overview of ISI Mark Certification

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institute. The ISI Certification is BIS's most recognized product quality certification mark. ISI Certification is a way to make sure that products meet safety and quality standards for customers. The ISI Mark is like a guarantee that the products follow the rules set by India. Getting an ISI Mark is a choice a company can make. This certificate is proof that things like electrical items are safe to use. Any company that wants this certification has to follow some steps like testing the product, filling out forms, inspections, and reviews. Having the ISI certification means the product is of good quality and this can give the company an advantage because customers usually prefer certified products.

List of Products under ISI Certification

Following is the list of all the products under ISI Certification:

·       Cement

·       Household Electrical goods

·       Batteries

·       Oil Pressure Stoves

·       Automobile Accessories

·       Cylinder, Valves and Regulator

·       Medical Equipment

·       Steel and Iron Products

·       Electrical Transformers

·       Electrical Motors

·       Capacitors

·       Chemicals, Fertilizers, Polymers & Textiles

·       Kitchen Appliances

·       Domestic Water Heaters for use with LPG

·       Air Conditioner and its related Parts, Hermetic Compressor and Temperature Sensing Controls

·       Plugs and Socket-Outlets and Alternating Current Direct Connected Static Prepayment Meters for Active Energy

·       Domestic Gas Stoves for use with LPG

·       Transparent Float Glass

·       Domestic Pressure Cooker

·       Cables

·       Rubber Hose for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

·       Aluminum Foil

·       Non-Electric Toys

·       Electric Toys

·       Flat Transparent Sheet Glass

·       Safety Glass

·       Woven Sacks

·       Butterfly Valves

·       Reflectors for Bicycles

·       Paper

·       Cattle Feeds

·       Automobile Wheel Rim Component

·       Foot Wear

·       Press Tool-Punches

·       Helmet for riders of Two-Wheeler Motor Vehicles

·       Refrigerating Appliances

·       Centrifugally cast (spun) iron pipes

·       Flux Cored (Tubular) Electrodes

·       Sewing Machine

·       Water Treatment System

·       Jute Bag

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

How to Apply for BIS ISI Certification

If you want to get BIS ISI certification for your products, the process involves applying to BIS through a consultant who is registered with BIS. This consultant will guide you through the certification journey, which includes the following steps:

1.     Find a Consultant: On the BIS website, you'll find a list of BIS registered consultants. Get in touch with any consultant from the list and talk to them about what you need.

2.     Select the Appropriate Standard: Your consultant will assist you in identifying the suitable standard that corresponds to your product.

3.     Conducting Testing and Inspection: Your product will undergo testing and inspection procedures, overseen by the consultant.

4.     Prepare Documents: The consultant will help you in preparing all the necessary documentation required for the BIS certification process.

5.     Submit the Application: The completed application, along with the documentation, will be submitted to BIS by the consultant.

6.     Certification Issuance: Once the application is thoroughly reviewed and approved, BIS issues the BIS ISI Mark Certificate.

To know the process in detail, please visit:

ISI Mark Certification for Domestic And Foreign Manufactures

Under BIS Registration Products ISI and CRS

The Best consultants for BIS ISI Certification

Evtlindia is specialized in BIS registration and licensing services across the country. We cover all aspects falling under licensed consulting services based on our clients' information. We are renowned in the market for our prompt delivery, seamless administration, and cost-effective pricing. While providing these services, our skilled team members meticulously consider every aspect to ensure a smooth experience.

Benefits of BIS ISI Mark Registration

The ISI  Mark Certification provides the following benefits:

1.     Increase sales: Products with the ISI mark assure consumers of high quality standards, leading to an increase in sales.

2.     Save Money on Quality Control: Once you have certification, you don't need extra rules for product quality. This also reduces wasting resources and makes production cheaper

3.     Enhance product credibility and reduce environmental risk: BIS ISI certified items are genuine and trustworthy because they work really well and last a long time.

4.     Provides Competitive Advantage: Having this mark makes sure products are safe and good, which helps prevent products from being rejected.

5.     Help the Organization Grow: When a product has this mark, it becomes more reliable, which means you can sell it in more places.


BIS ISI Mark certification is essential for manufacturers without this certification they are not allowed sell their product in Indian market.

Evtlindia, India's No. 1 BIS consultant offers expert assistance, streamlining documentation and guiding you through the registration process. For a hassle-free experience, reach out to us at contact@evtlindia.com or 9560935898 anytime. Your success is our priority.

You can contact us via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by phone at 9560935898. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for the support you need.
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