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BIS Certification Consultants For Navi Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad

BIS Certification Consultants For Navi Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad
By Ritika Rathor

BIS Certification Consultants for Navi Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad

Trustworthy BIS Certification Consultants Serving Navi Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and All Across India

BIS certification is defined as offering third-party guarantees of health, durability, and product consistency to consumers. According to the Indian government, getting BIS certification is mandated for some commodities deemed important for public safety. If you are also in search of BIS consultants, you have come to the right place. At Evtlindia, we are among the most reliable BIS certification consultants, offering you the appropriate services.

The Best consultants for BIS ISI CRS Certification

Evtlindia is headquartered in Delhi, India, and specializes in BIS registration and licensing services across the country. We cover all aspects falling under licensed consulting services based on our clients' information. We are renowned in the market for our prompt delivery, seamless administration, and cost-effective pricing. While providing these services, our skilled team members meticulously consider every aspect to ensure a smooth experience.

Being a one-stop solution for various types of certifications, we have secured a top rank in offering an array of services related to BIS certification consulting. All services provided are meticulously executed by highly qualified professionals who employ advanced methodologies. Our programs have garnered praise due to their speed and consistency. We consistently ensure that our customers receive the precise solutions they need, all within an affordable range.

Why is BIS registration essential?

For producers of electronic products such as automobile accessories, cylinders, and other electronic items, as well as for the fertilizers and chemicals industry, obtaining a BIS certificate is essential. Without BIS certification, manufacturers dealing with these types of products are not granted permission to sell and market their goods in the domestic market.

Even international businesses seeking to market their products and services in India must have BIS-certified products to offer to the public. Obtaining BIS certification is primarily mandatory before introducing a product within India's borders. This certification is a documentation requirement set by the Indian government to verify the quality of products being marketed in India, ensuring they meet specified parameters and standards.

Furthermore, beyond the products mentioned, it's also crucial for industries like cement manufacturing, footwear, food, and various related sectors to acquire BIS certification for marketing their products in India. Even producers of wiring cables used in electrical installations, switches, and various industrial items are obligated to secure this certification. To identify certified products, it's important that the product packaging includes the ISI logo along with a seven-digit license number and the allocated IS number.

By adhering to these certification standards, manufacturers ensure that their products meet the quality criteria set by regulatory bodies and contribute to consumer safety and satisfaction.

How can you obtain BIS certification?

Upon compliance, the BIS office issues the BIS certification aligned with the authorized Indian standard, taking into account the safety testing of the content. Evtlindia stands as one of India's leading BIS Consultants for foreign and Indian manufacturers who intend to market and sell their products in India.

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification 

The certification program for BIS product

The certification program for goods is one the biggest across the country. BIS Certification asks for the licenses to apply the usual ISI mark linked with the quality of goods given on the label. As per the recent guidelines from the Ministry, 90 items are required for the BIS registration. BIS also sustains the validation system mainly for international manufacturers wherein the abroad factories might be required to use the BIS standard label. Being a trusted organization, our main focus is to involve all the required assistance from the end of the supplier to register for the BIS research. Being a legal agent on behalf of production units, we develop a presentation to send the product for testing in BIS-licensed testing centers and complete the needed documentation. A part of our process is providing the required resources and customer clearance accommodation.

To know the process in detail, please visit:

ISI Mark Certification for Domestic And Foreign Manufactures

Under BIS Registration Products ISI and CRS

Get your BIS Certificate in Just a Few Days 

The government-run BIS certification process is more time-consuming, taking up to 30-45 days. However, with the assistance of our consultancy, you can obtain the certification in around 20-30 working days.


Manufacturers dealing with various products must get BIS certification to sell and market them. The best way to achieve this certification is by selecting a trusted consultant like Evtlindia.

We assist in streamlining the process, ensuring the prompt issuance of your certificate. Reach out to Evtlindia today and allow us to become your reliable partner in navigating the BIS registration process, opening up new avenues for your business. You can contact us via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by phone at 9560935898.

You can contact us via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by phone at 9560935898. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for the support you need.
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