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BIS Certification Consultants For Electric toys

BIS Certification Consultants For Electric toys
By Ritika Rathor



Electric toys are toys that use batteries or plugs to make things happen. They can move, make noise, light up, or do other cool things that make playing more fun. These toys run on electricity and are designed to make playtime more exciting for kids.

In accordance with the Toy Quality Control Order issued in 2020, the safety of toys falls under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).Consequently, toy manufacturers in India are required to obtain BIS certification for their toys before launching them into the market.

This mandatory certification was introduced due to concerns about the materials used in toys potentially becoming toxic. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of toys was transferred to BIS by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce. Therefore, if you are a toy manufacturer, it is essential to obtain a BIS certificate for your toys.

The BIS certification for Electronic Toys in India comes under the applicable standard IS 15644:2006. Therefore, the toys that come under this BIS registration for electric toys are electricity dependent and can only perform one function. According to the input source, electric toys are further subdivided into the following sub-groups:

·       Battery operated toys

·       Transformer toys

·       Dual-supply toys


1.     Toys must be designed in such a way that the risks to people or the environment are minimized as much as possible when used as intended or in a foreseeable manner.

2.     In general, this principle is met by meeting the relevant requirements specified in this standard, and compliance is verified by performing all relevant tests.

3.     Toys must not reach high temperatures while in use, and the toy's electrical insulation must be adequate at operating and room temperatures.

4.     Their supply voltage must not exceed 24 V, and the components must meet the safety requirements specified in the relevant IEC standard.

5.     Toys or their packaging must mark with the name, trademark, model, or type.

6.     The Standard Mark (ISI Mark) shall be legibly and indelibly marked on the primary packaging or on the toy itself, provided that the material so marked meets the requirements of the specification.

7.     Packing and marking/labeling, including warnings and other instructions and information required to be provided (for assembly, maintenance, and so on), shall be done in accordance with the Indian Standard.

8.      The Manufacturer must obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards to use a standard mark (ISI Mark).


The following test shall be carried out in accordance with the method prescribed.

·       Tests for the safety of electric toys heating and abnormal operation test

·       Electrical strength at operating temperature

·       Moisture resistance

·       Electric strength at room temperature

·       Mechanical strength

·       Resistance to heat and fire

·       Protection of cords and wires

·       Radiation, toxicity


Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

To know the process in detail, please visit:

ISI Mark Certification for Domestic And Foreign Manufactures

Under BIS Registration Products ISI and CRS

Benefits of BIS Certification

The BIS registration provides the following benefits:

1.     Increase sales: BIS-registered products are more likely to be of higher quality and attract more customers.

2.     Reduce the amount of money spent on quality maintenance: Upon getting certification, there's no need to follow separate quality guidelines for products.

3.     Enhance product credibility and reduce environmental risk: BIS-certified items are genuine and trustworthy because they work really well and last a long time.

4.     Ensure the highest level of quality and dependability: The presence of a BIS registration number implies that the product is of high quality and dependability.

5.     Ensure the organization’s expansion: BIS certification boosts your product’s reputation, resulting in significant growth and market exposure.


Electric toys come under BIS Certification Scheme under the IS 15644:2006 Indian standard. If you need any assistance with BIS ISI registration for non electronic toys or ISI mark certification for nonelectronic toys, you can reach out to Evtlindia. We provide assistance with all documentation formalities with India's BIS office, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free registration experience, guiding you through the entire process from start to finish.

You can contact us via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by phone at 9560935898. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for the support you need.
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