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BIS-ISI Certification - License / ISI Certification Services any products

BIS-ISI Certification - License / ISI Certification Services any products
30 Jun, 2023 By Ritika Rathor

What Does Mean of BIS Certificate?

BIS is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) the National Certification body of India that grants BIS certifications to the producers and importers of various products that fall under BIS certified either in a voluntary manner or as mandatory programs. BIS certifies products as a third-party guarantee of the quality of the product and the security of the consumer and the credibility of BIS. The government of India created in 1986 the Bureau of Indian Standards under the BIS Act, Of 1986, under the direction of the Indian Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food, and Public Distribution.

As a national organization, BIS is accountable for many certifications that ensure high product quality in the Indian market. It is the Bureau of Indian Standards grants BIS certification to companies that produce products that meet the quality standards as defined by the Product Certification Scheme. In addition, this procedure carried out by the Bureau of India Standards helps companies to create an image of their products within the market. In the past, the BIS has emerged as the second choice for the authenticity of their products and also quality. Following BIS Certification producers can apply their standard mark on their products that are certified by BIS.

BIS certification can be described as a way to confirm that an item is compliant with the requirements of an Indian standard and therefore is approved for use on Indian markets. Indian market. BIS certification is required for certain items listed in the obligatory product Certification Scheme of BIS, which are to be offered for sale in India. Obtaining BIS certification is a matter of passing a series of tests and inspections to make sure that the product complies with Indian standards.

Why of need BIS Certificate?

Any product a consumer purchases from food to automobiles, from clothes to electronic devices, from brand-name items to unbranded There is always doubt regarding whether they can be confident about the company or product. Are there any standards by that can be used to judge the luxury, quality, or quality of the product to be bought? If there are guidelines, who is the one to decide these? How can your customers know they can trust your company and the products you sell? This is the point where BIS Certification comes into play.

The BIS Certification (ISI Mark) in India is regarded as an indication of trust for buyers. The BIS Certificate from the Bureau of Indian Standards lets producers provide assurances to buyers of product quality in addition to consumer safety and credibility. BIS Certification Scheme can be described as an optional scheme, however, certain products are covered by an obligatory certification program of BIS.

What is ISI Mark? Under Bureau of Indian Standards

ISI can be an abbreviation that stands for Indian Standards Institute, the National Standards body renamed Bureau of Indian Standards in 1987. ISI Mark ISI Mark is the official label given to manufacturers by the Bureau of Indian Standards for various items. The ISI Mark has been considered a sign of quality, safety, and confidence since. The ISI mark has been used to establish the conformity mark in industrial goods. It ensures that the product complies with those Indian norms (IS) created by India's standardization body called that is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

ISI Mark Registration is the process of obtaining this ISI marking for any item that is compliant with Indian Standards. Certain electrical appliances require ISI marks, like Electric Iron, Room Heaters, Room AC, Electric Stoves, Freezers, Electric cables, and many other items such as UPVC Pipes, Rubber & Leather Footwears, Composite Cements as well as various acids.

The difference Between BIS as well as ISI Mark 

BIS as an organization for quality management is accountable for certifying quality and also ensuring the quality of the product, its stability, and the safety of products that are sold to end-users. While ISI Mark is a standard mark that is awarded to BIS, the Bureau of Indian Standards for the quality of the product to Indian standards. The ISI Mark on the product signifies that it is in line with the standards of quality that are set by BIS. As part of the product certification scheme, BIS gives manufacturers a license for the use of its standard Mark (ISI Mark) on products that comply with the applicable Indian standards. ISI Mark consists of the Licence number'CM/LXXXXXXXXXXXXXX at the end of the ISI Mark and the Indian standard number that is at on the upper part of the ISI Mark.

Basic Requirements for BIS Certification

The following are the essential prerequisites for obtaining a BIS license, as outlined below.

The product must satisfy specifications of Indian Standard Specification criteria.

BIS license is only given to the factory (manufacturer of finished products), not to the Distributor/Retailer.

If a company has multiple factories that are situated at different geographical addresses, the company must make a separate application to apply for each product and site.

The lab should be equipped with testing equipment for the product along with certified quality control personnel to test the product in line with the relevant ISI.

All production equipment and test facilities must be within the premises of the factory according to ISS guidelines and the applicable SIT.

All processes should be carried out within the same factory starting with the receipt of raw materials and ending with the final packaging. If there is a need for out-sourcing approval from the Bureau can be sought.

The technical guidelines are accessible for all products included in the Product Certification Scheme as 'Product Manuals'. The product manuals contain guidelines for sampling as well as a list of testing equipment as well as a Scheme of Inspection and Testing (SIT) as well as descriptions of scope and so on. The applicant can consult this product manual to help prepare for the audit. Manual to obtain BIS ISI Certification to prepare for the application and audit to ensure that rejections are reduced.

Benefits of BIS Certification (ISI Mark Certificate)

Through ISI Mark Certification manufacturers and their products gain access to the following benefits:

ISI Mark Certificate allows manufacturers to continue manufacturing and selling their products across all parts of India.

BIS certification permits manufacturers to utilize it to apply the Standard Mark BIS, and ISI Mark on their products that are part of the certification program that is mandatory. Making products that do not have the ISI Mark could result in an enormous fine, jail time, or both.

ISI Marks on all products guarantee the health and safety of consumers and help build confidence.

BIS-certified product guarantees top quality and customer satisfaction which boosts sales.

Are you aware that the ISI mark certification is required to be obtained in India on more than 150 items? While it's a choice to obtain a BIS license, however, the BIS mandated that you get the certificate for certain items to ensure that consumers are protected from counterfeits and fake products.

List of Products Under ISI Certification:

Products Products
Food-related products Glass & Glassware
Cylinders and regulators Primary Batteries
Rubber Oil pressure stoves
Wire & Cables Medical equipment
Shoes & Leather Products Cement
Automotive Capacitors
Aluminum Chemicals and fertilizers
Wheel Rim & Valves Electrical household appliances
Steel Products Transformers and electric motors

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