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Number One BIS ISI Mark Certification Consultants Agent

Number One BIS ISI Mark Certification Consultants Agent
19 Aug, 2023 By Mohini Kishore

BIS ISI Mark Certification Consultants in India

BIS ISI mark certification

BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards, a government agency in India that promotes and oversees product and industry standards. It also issues BIS ISI mark certification; this mark indicates that the product meets the criteria established by BIS, ensuring that it is reliable, safe, and of high quality for consumers. This helps manufacturers build a brand image and expand their business in the market. BIS offer two types of scheme in India.

BIS Registration Certification Scheme involves two types of scheme in India.

1.     BIS ISI Mark Registration Certification Scheme. ​​

2.     BIS CRS Compulsory Registration Scheme.

1.     BIS ISI Mark Registration Certification Scheme

Indian Standards Institution (ISI) scheme is a Licensing Scheme. This means that manufacturers must undergo a factory audit by a BIS recognized lab in order to obtain a license to use the ISI Mark on their products.

The ISI Mark scheme is operated based on the BIS Act, 1986. The Act sets out the powers and functions of the BIS, including the power to notify products that are required to be marked with the ISI Mark. It ensures both quality and safety

 This scheme is for a wide range of Electronics & IT products, such as household items, chemicals, steel, glass, and cement, pharmaceuticals, as listed by MeitY. The list of products covered under the ISI Mark scheme is notified by the Government of India. The current list includes over 1,500 products. The ISI Mark is a symbol of quality and safety. It is recognized by consumers all over India as a guarantee of the quality of a product.

2.     BIS CRS Compulsory Registration Scheme

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) is a self conformity scheme. It doesn't need factory inspection and applies only to electronics and IT products. It ensures the safety of products in the Indian market.

If your products are on the Compulsory Registration Order (CRO) list, after testing in a BIS approved lab, manufacturers must apply for BIS Registration. BIS gives manufacturers a permit to use the Standard Mark with a special R-number on electronics and IT goods. BIS Registration is based on your promise that your goods meet Indian Standards. After registration, you can use the Standard Mark on your products.

BIS CRS Compulsory Registration Scheme runs as per the BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations of 2018. These rules explain how products are registered, tested, and monitored. The list of items covered by CRS is shared by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY). Right now, over 90 products like TVs, fridges, ACs, computers, phones, and electronic toys are on the list.

To know the process in detail, please visit:

ISI Mark Certification for Domestic And Foreign Manufactures

Under BIS Registration Products ISI and CRS

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

How to Apply for BIS Certification

If you want to get BIS certification for your products, the process involves applying to BIS through a consultant who is registered with BIS. This consultant will guide you through the certification journey, which includes the following steps:

1.     Find a Consultant: On the BIS website, you'll find a list of BIS registered consultants. Get in touch with any consultant from the list and talk to them about what you need.

2.     Select the Appropriate Standard: Your consultant will assist you in identifying the suitable standard that corresponds to your product.

3.     Conducting Testing and Inspection: Your product will undergo testing and inspection procedures, overseen by the consultant.

4.     Prepare Documents: The consultant will help you in preparing all the necessary documentation required for the BIS certification process.

5.     Submit the Application: The completed application, along with the documentation, will be submitted to BIS by the consultant.

By following these steps with the guidance of a BIS registered consultant, you can navigate the BIS certification process smoothly.

BIS Registered Consultants in India

In India, numerous consultants are registered with BIS. When making your choice, it's crucial to opt for a consultant experienced in the precise product type you manufacture. Notably, Evtlindia stands out as the most reliable and top BIS consultant in India

Benefits of BIS Certification

Obtaining BIS certification for your products offers several benefits:

1.     Boost Customer Confidence: The ISI mark, widely trusted by consumers, signifies top-notch quality and safety assurance.

2.     Enhance Product Quality: Through certification, you can uplift your product quality by ensuring they meet required standards.

3.     Market Expansion: BIS certification help you to access new markets, both within the country and globally.

4.     Reduce the Risks of Recall: BIS certification lowers the chances of product recalls linked to safety or quality concerns.

5.     Regulatory Alignment: BIS certification helps you to comply with relevant regulations in India.

In essence, BIS certification brings increased trust, improved products, broader market access; reduce risks, and regulatory compliance.

BIS Certification Services

BIS provides many certification services including:

1.     Product Certification: BIS is capable of certifying products that align with the stipulated standards of quality, safety, and performance.

2.     System Certification: BIS extends its certification to encompass management systems like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

3.     Process Certification: BIS is equipped to certify processes such as welding and heat treatment.

4.     Personnel Certification: BIS is authorized to certify individuals in diverse fields, including welding and electrical safety.

BIS ISI Mark Registration         

For ISI mark registration, you can proceed through the following steps:

1.     Contact BIS and get an application form.

2.     Fill out the application form and submit it to BIS, accompanied by the necessary fees.

3.     BIS will assess your application and, upon approval, grant you an ISI mark registration certificate.

BIS Certification Cost and Required Time to Get it.             

The cost of BIS certification varies based on the product type and the level of certification needed. You can ask a BIS registered consultant or BIS ISI mark certification consultant agent for a cost estimate. Generally, the certification process takes a few months to complete.


BIS ISI certification is essential for manufacturers without this certification they are not allowed sell their product in the Indian market. Evtlindia, India's No. 1 BIS consultant offers expert assistance, streamlining documentation and guiding you through the registration process. For a hassle-free experience, reach out to us at contact@evtlindia.com or 9560935898 anytime. Your success is our priority.







You can contact us via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by phone at 9560935898. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for the support you need.
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