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BIS Certification Consultants | ISI Mark, FMCS, CRS Certificate



Why is BIS certificate required?

The BIS Certification is obligatory for these products so that they can be introduced and sold on the Indian market. BIS Certification India or BIS Registration issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ensures the quality, safety, and reliability of products in accordance with Indian Standards (IS).

BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards, a government agency in India that promotes and oversees product and industry standards. The BIS Certification Process is a way to make sure products in India meet certain quality and safety standards. There are three types of certifications: ISI, FMCS, and CRS. ISI and FMCS are for various products, while CRS is only for electronic ones. This process helps ensure products are safe and of good quality in India. If you need help with BIS certification, we at Evtlindia can assist you. We are trusted consultants who provide the right services for this certification.

BIS ISI mark certification

BIS issues BIS ISI mark certification; this mark indicates that the product meets the criteria established by BIS, ensuring that it is reliable, safe, and of high quality for consumers. This helps manufacturers build a brand image and expand their business in the market.

process to obtain an ISI Certificate

1.     Application: Fill out the application form.

2.     Factory Inspection: A thorough inspection of your manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, and testing capabilities is conducted.

3.     Product Testing: During the inspection, a product sample is taken for testing in a third-party laboratory.

4.     Review: The test report from the product sample is reviewed.

5.     Certificate Issuance: If your product meets the required standards, you receive the ISI certificate.

FMCS (Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme)

FMCS certification is necessary for foreign manufacturers to comply with Indian Standards when selling certain products in India. The process involves offline documentation and coordination with BIS officers. It can be complex for foreign manufacturers, particularly for first-time applicants.

Process to obtain an FMCS Certificate:

1. Application: Apply for FMCS certification.

2. On site Activities: This includes travel to the client's country, sample collection, and delivering the sample product to India.

3. Additional Costs: Manufacturers may incur expenses such as VISA fees, audit charges, and Performance Bank Guarantee.

FMCS certification involves various activities, making it a comprehensive process. We are here to assist businesses in obtaining BIS licenses and expanding their operations. These certifications ensure that products meet quality and safety standards, benefiting both consumers and businesses.

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

Under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS), all electronic products, whether they are imported or made in India, must meet BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) standards. To get the BIS registration, products need to undergo examination, analysis of samples, and document verification. In India, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology requires this mandatory certification for various electronic items like audio and video equipment, IT devices, mobile phones, smart card readers, and similar gadgets. Therefore, foreign manufacturers of these products must obtain a BIS license to export them to India.

If a foreign manufacturer sells these products in the Indian market without the required BIS license, they can face penalties under the BIS Act. This ensures that electronic products in India meet safety and quality standards.

Process of Getting CRS Certification

1. Create Manufacturer Profile: First, you'll need to set up a profile for your manufacturing company on the BIS portal.

2. Generate Test Report Format: A Test Report Format (TRF) will be created for your product by a BIS-accredited laboratory.

3. Submit Test Report: Once the TRF is ready, the laboratory will submit the report on the BIS portal under your company's profile.

4. Appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR): If you're a foreign applicant, you'll need to appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR). You'll also need to submit an affidavit and undertaking as per Form A/B.

5. Indian Applicant Requirements: Indian applicants should submit an affidavit and undertaking as per Format C.

6. Online Form Submission: Fill out the online form, attach the necessary documents, and pay the required fee.

7. Certificate Grant: Your CRS certificate will be granted based on testing results, not a factory visit. If your product meets the BIS (CRS) requirements, you'll receive the certificate. This process ensures that electronic products in India meet safety and quality standards.

BIS Registered Consultants in India

In India, numerous consultants are registered with BIS. When making your choice, it's crucial to opt for a consultant experienced in the precise product type you manufacture. Notably, Evtlindia stands out as the most reliable and top BIS consultant in India

Benefits of BIS Certification

Obtaining BIS certification for your products offers several benefits:

1.     Boost Customer Confidence: The ISI mark, widely trusted by consumers, signifies top-notch quality and safety assurance.

2.     Enhance Product Quality: Through certification, you can uplift your product quality by ensuring they meet required standards.

3.     Market Expansion: BIS certification help you to access new markets, both within the country and globally.

4.     Reduce the Risks of Recall: BIS certification lowers the chances of product recalls linked to safety or quality concerns.

5.     Regulatory Alignment: BIS certification helps you to comply with relevant regulations in India.

In essence, BIS certification brings increased trust, improved products, broader market access; reduce risks, and regulatory compliance.


Manufacturers dealing with various products must obtain BIS certifications such as ISI, FMCS, or CRS, depending on the product they intend to sell and market.The best way to achieve this certification is by selecting a trusted consultant like Evtlindia.

We assist in streamlining the process, ensuring the prompt issuance of your certificate. Reach out to Evtlindia today and allow us to become your reliable partner in navigating the BIS registration process, opening up new avenues for your business. You can contact us via email at or by phone at 9560935898.

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