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BIS Products For NOC Steel Certificate

BIS Products For NOC Steel Certificate
By Ritika Rathor

(NOC) No Objection Certificate For Steel Imported Products

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a certificate that is necessary for steel goods that have different specifications. If the properties of steel grade/product do not fall under the purview mandatory BIS list for Steel and Steel Products, the Ministry of Steel issues exemption/clarification/NOC on the consignment coming to India.

In some circumstances, a product's code implies to customs that BIS registrations are necessary - yet they are not. Furthermore, customs officials may confuse "similar" products with those covered by "required certification," resulting in needless delays in consignment clearance and significant penalties.

To avoid delays and penalties, you must get a "No Objection Certificate" (NOC) from BIS stating that the given steel product is not covered under mandatory BIS Certification.

BIS And ISI Mark Certificate For NOC Steel Products With EVTL-India Certificate Consultant 

EVTL-INDIA is a renowned Consultant that provides NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) services for steel products imported to India. With a high volume of steel imports, the risk of product dumping increases significantly. To address this concern, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made certification mandatory for approximately 145 steel products.

According to BIS norms, steel products subject to mandatory certification must display the ISI Mark. The ISI Mark ensures that the products meet stringent quality standards and are free from defects. However, certain steel products are still exempt from mandatory certification and only require a NOC from the Ministry of Steel for import and customs clearance.

EVTL-INDIA specializes in facilitating the process of obtaining the necessary NOC for steel importers. They assist importers in fulfilling the requirements set by the Ministry of Steel and ensure a smooth customs clearance process. By availing their services, importers can comply with the regulations and import their steel products without any hurdles.

Please note that the information provided is based on the general understanding of the topic, and it is advisable to consult with EVTL-INDIA or the relevant authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information on obtaining NOC for steel products in India.

EVTL - India Will Provide your Noc Within 30 days

Yes, you are correct that steel and steel products imported into India generally require BIS certification. However, if the product is similar to others but has different properties, an additional step may be required in the form of obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for export.
While exporting steel and steel products to India, you need to complete various formalities as required by the Ministry of Steel. These formalities generally involve the submission of a number of documents to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Although specific requirements may vary, the following documents are typically requested:
1. Product Specification: Detailed specifications of steel or steel products including dimensions, composition and other relevant technical information.
2. Test Reports: Test reports from recognized laboratories demonstrating compliance with applicable standards and specifications.
3. Declarations: Declarations regarding the quality, safety and compliance of products, which may include statements from the manufacturer or exporter.
4. Bill of Lading: A document that serves as evidence of a contract of carriage and receipt of goods by the shipping carrier.
5. Invoice: A commercial invoice that provides details of the transaction, such as product description, quantity, price, and other relevant information.
6. Packing List: A detailed packing list specifying the contents, quantity and packaging details of the goods shipped.
7. Other supporting documents: Additional documents may be required depending on the specific circumstances, such as certificates of origin, insurance documents, purchase orders and any other relevant paperwork.
It is important to note that fees for the certification process and other administrative charges may apply. The fee structure will depend on the nature of the certification and the concerned officials involved.

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

To know the process in detail, please visit:

ISI Mark Certification for Domestic And Foreign Manufactures

Under BIS Registration Products ISI and CRS

Mandatory Products For NOC Steel Certificate (Non-Objection Certificate) 

The list of mandatory steel products for obtaining a NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) may vary depending on the specific regulations and policies of the country or region you are referring to. However, I can provide you with a general overview of steel products that often fall under mandatory certification requirements in various jurisdictions. Here are some common examples:

  • Reinforcement bars (TMT bars)
  • Structural steel sections (beams, columns, channels, angles)
  • Steel plates and sheets
  • Steel wires and wire rods
  • Steel pipes and tubes (including seamless and welded varieties)
  • Steel billets and blooms
  • Steel forgings
  • Steel castings
  • Steel fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.)
  • Steel nails
  • Steel rails and railway track materials
  • Steel cables and wire ropes
  • Steel coils and strips
  • Steel gratings and gratings for drainage
  • Steel tanks and containers
  • Steel drums and barrels
  • Steel scaffolding and formwork systems
  • Steel poles and transmission towers
  • Steel storage racks and shelves
  • Steel utensils and kitchenware
  • Steel Furniture

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and the specific steel products that require a NOC may vary depending on the country's regulations. It is important to consult the relevant government authorities, regulatory bodies, or trade associations in your specific country or region to determine the exact list of mandatory steel products and the process for obtaining the NOC for those products.

Keep in mind that regulations and requirements can change over time, so it is always best to stay updated with the latest regulations and consult the relevant authorities for accurate and specific information pertaining to your import requirements.

All Products List For NOC Steel Certification 

Sl. No. Reference IS No. Item/Product Effective/Enforcement Date
1 IS 1785 (Part-1) : 1983 Specification for plain Hard-drawn Steel Wire For Pre-stressed Concrete; Part 1 Cold –Drawn Stress relieved Wire. 22nd December 2020
2 IS 1785 (Part-2): 1983 Plain Hard-drawn Steel Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete; Part 2 as Drawn Wire. 22nd December 2020
3 IS 6003: 2010 Indented Wire for Pre- stressed Concrete – Specification. 22nd December 2020 22nd December 2020
4 IS 6006 : 2014 Uncoated Stress Relieved Strand For Pre-stressed Concrete – Specification. 22nd December 2020
5 IS 13620 : 1993 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Reinforcing Bars – Specification. 22nd December 2020
6 IS 14268 : 2017 Uncoated Stress Relieved Low Relaxation Seven- wire (ply) Strand for Pre- stressed Concrete – Specification. 22nd December 2020
7 IS 277 : 2018 Galvanized Steel Sheets (Plain and Corrugated) – Specification. 22nd December 2020
8 IS 2002 : 2009 Steel plates for pressure vessels for intermediate and high temperature service including boilers. 22nd December 2020
9 IS 2041 : 2009 Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels Used at Moderate and Low Temperature – Specification. 22nd December 2020
10 IS 2830 : 2012 Carbon steel cast billet ingots, billets, blooms and slabs for re-rolling into steel for general structural purposes – Specification. 22nd December 2020
11 IS 1786 : 2008 High strength deformed steel bars and wires for concrete reinforcement- Specification except for High strength deformed steel bars and wires of sizes less than 8 mm. 22nd December 2020
12 IS 648 : 2006 Cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel sheet and strip - Fully processed type- Specification. 22nd December 2020
13 IS 3024 : 2015 Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet and Strip 22nd December 2020
14 IS 15391 : 2003 Cold Rolled Non- Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet and Strip – Semi- Processed Type- Specification. 22nd December 2020
15 IS 1875 : 1992 Carbon steel billets, blooms, slabs and bars for forgings. 22nd December 2020
16 IS 3502 : 2009 Steel Chequered Plates. 22nd December 2020
17 IS 2062 : 2011 Hot rolled medium and high tensile structural steel except for bars and rods of diameter or thickness less than 6 mm and structurals below (50 mm x 50 mm x 6 mm). 22nd December 2020
18 IS 432 : Part 1 : 1982 Specification for Mild Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Bars and Hard– Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement: Part 1 Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars 22nd December 2020
19 IS 432 : Part 2 :1982 Specification for Mild steel and Medium Tensile steel bars and Hard–Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement: Part 2 Hard-Drawn Steel Wire. 22nd December 2020
20 IS 513 (Part 1) : 2016 Cold reduced carbon steel sheets and strip Part 1 Cold Forming and Drawing Purpose. 22nd December 2020
21 IS 513 (Part 2) : 2016 Cold reduced low carbon steel sheets and strip Part 2 High Tensile and Multi-phase Steel. 22nd December 2020
22 IS 1079 : 2017 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet, Plate and Strip. 22nd December 2020
23 IS 2879 : 1998 Mild steel for metal arc welding electrodes. 22nd December 2020
24 IS 5872 : 1990 Cold Rolled Steel Strips (Box Strappings). 22nd December 2020
25 IS 5986 : 2017 Hot Rolled Steel Sheet, Plate and Strip for Forming and Flanging purposes. 22nd December 2020
26 IS 6240 : 2008 Hot Rolled Steel Plate (up to 6 mm) Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture of Low Pressure Liquefiable Gas Cylinders. 22nd December 2020
27 IS 7283 : 1992 Hot Rolled bars for production of bright bars and machined parts for engineering applications. 22nd December 2020
28 IS 7887 : 1992 Mild steel wire rods for general engineering purposes. 22nd December 2020
29 IS 10748: 2004 Hot Rolled Steel Strip for Welded Tubes and Pipes. 22nd December 2020
30 IS 11513 : 2017 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Strip For Cold Rolling Purposes. 22nd December 2020
31 IS 15647 : 2006 Hot rolled steel narrow width strip for welded tubes and pipes. 22nd December 2020
32 IS 7904 : 2018 High Carbon Steel Wire Rods – Specification. 22nd December 2020
33 IS 14246 : 2013 Continuously pre-painted galvanized steel sheets and coils. 22nd December 2020
34 IS 15965 : 2012 Pre–painted aluminium zinc alloy metallic coated steel strip and sheet (plain). 22nd December 2020
35 IS 280:2006 Mild steel wire for General Engineering purposes. 22nd December 2020
36 IS 1835 : 1976 Round steel wire for ropes. 22nd December 2020
37 IS 3975: 1999 Low carbon Galvanized steel wires, formed wires and Tapes for armouring of cables. 22nd December 2020
38 IS 4368: 1967 Alloy Steel billets, blooms and slabs for forging for general engineering purposes. 22nd December 2020
39 IS 4454 (part 1) : 2001 Steel wires for mechanical springs, Part 1 cold drawn unalloyed steel wire. 22nd December 2020
40 IS 4454 (Part 2) : 2001 Steel wire for mechanical springs Part 2: oil hardened and tempered steel wire. 22nd December 2020
41 IS 4824: 2006 Bead Wires for Tyres. 22nd December 2020
42 IS 11169 (Part 1) : 1984 Steels for Cold Heading / Cold extrusion application Part-1 Wrought carbon and low alloy steels. 22nd December 2020
43 IS 11587 : 1986 Structural Weather resistant steel 22nd December 2020
44 IS 15103 : 2002 Fire resistant steel – Specification. 22nd December 2020
45 IS 15914 : 2011 High Tensile Strength Flat Rolled Steel Plate (Up To 6 mm), Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture of Welded Gas Cylinder. 22nd December 2020
46 IS 15961 : 2012 Hot Dip Aluminium – Zinc alloy metallic coated steel strip and sheet (plain). 22nd December 2020
47 IS 15962 : 2012 Structural Steel for Building for Structures with improved seismic Resistance. 22nd December 2020
48 IS 6527: 1995 Stainless Steel Wire Rod 22nd December 2020
49 IS 6528 :1995 Stainless Steel Wires. 22nd December 2020
50 IS 6603 : 2001 Stainless Steel Bars and Flats. 22nd December 2020
51 IS 5522 : 2014 Stainless steel sheets and strips for utensils–Specification. 22nd December 2020
52 IS 6911: 2017 Stainless steel plate, sheet and strip – Specification. 22nd December 2020
53 IS 15997: 2012 Low Nickel Austenitic Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip For Utensils and Kitchen Appliances – Specification. 22nd December 2020
54 IS 1110 : 1990 Ferrosilicon Specification. 23rd April, 2021
55 IS 4409 : 1973 Ferronickel Specification 23rd April, 2021
56 IS 1029 : 1970 Specification for Hot rolled steel (bailing) strip 22nd December 2020
57 IS 2385 : 1977 Specification for Hot- rolled mild steel sheet and strip in coil form for cold-reduced tinplate and cold-reduced black plate. 22nd December 2020
58 IS 3039 : 1988 Specification for Structural steel for construction of hulls of ships. 22nd December 2020
59 IS 9550 : 2001 Bright steel bars – Specification 22nd December 2020
60 IS 3748 : 1990 Tool and die steels – Specification. 23rd January, 2021
First Ext-23rd July 2021
Second Ext- 23rd Jan 2022
61 IS 5517 : 1993 Steel for hardening and tempering -Specification. 22nd December 2020
62 IIS 7291 : 1981 Specification for High speed tool steels. 23rd January, 2021
First Ext-23rd July 2021
Second Ext- 23rd Jan 2022
63 IS 7494 : 1981 Specification for Steel for valves for internal combustion engines. 22nd December 2020
64 IS 12146 : 1987 Specification for Carbon manganese steel forgings for pressure vessels. 23rd January, 2021 First Ext-23rd July 2021
Second Ext- 23rd Jan 2022
65 IS 16585 : 2016 Magnetic materials – specification for individual material – Fe based amorphous strip delivered in the semi- processed state. 22nd December 2020
66 IS 2831 : 2012 Carbon steel cast billet ingots, billets, blooms and slabs for re-rolling into structural steel (ordinary quality)- Specification. 22nd December 2020
67 IS 1148:2009 Steel Rivet Bars (medium And High Tensile) – For Structural Purposes. 22nd December 2020
68 IS 1673: 1984 Specification for Mild Steel Wire, Cold Heading Quality. 22nd December 2020
69 IS 1812: 1982 Specification for Carbon Manufacture of Wood Screws. 22nd December 2020
70 IS 2507: 1975 Specification for Cold – rolled Steel Strips For Springs. 22nd December 2020
71 IS 2255: 1977 Specification for Mild Steel Wire Rod for the Manufacture of Machine Screws (By Cold Heading Process). 22nd December 2020
72 IS 3195: 1992 Steel For the Manufacture of Volute And Helical Springs (for Railway Rolling Stock) Specification. 15th February, 2021
First Ext-15th August 2021
73 IS 3431: 1982 Specification for Steel for the manufacture of volute, helical and laminated springs for automotive Suspension. 15th February, 2021.
74 IS 3885 Part-1 : 1992 Steel for the manufacture of laminated springs (railway rolling stock) Part 1 Flat Sections – Specification. 22nd December 2020
75 IS 3885 Part-2: 1992 Steel for the manufacture of laminated springs (railway rolling stock) Part 2: Rib and Groove Sections- Specification. 22nd December 2020
76 IS 4223: 1975 Specification for Steel Wire for Umbrella Ribs. 22nd December 2020
77 IS 4224: 1972 Specification for Steel Wire for Staples, Pins And Clips. 22nd December 2020
78 IS 4397 : 1999 Cold-rolled Carbon Steel Strips for Ball and Roller Bearing Cages/ Retainers- Specification. 22nd December 2020
79 IS 4398 :1994 Carbon-chromium Steel for the Manufacture of Balls, Rollers and Bearing Races- Specification. 15th February, 2021 First Ext- 15th May 2021
80 IS 6902: 1973 Specification for Steel Wire for spokes. With immediate effect.
81 IS 6967: 1973 Specification for Steel For Electrically welded round Link Chains. With immediate effect.
82 IS 7226: 1974 Specification for Cold rolled medium, high carbon and low alloy steel strip for general Engineering purposes. 15th May, 2021.
83 IS 7557: 1982 Specification for Steel Wire: (Up to 20 mm) for the manufacture of cold- forged rivets. 22nd December 2020
84 IS 8052 : 2006 Steel ingots, billets and blooms for the production of springs, rivets and screws for general engineering applications – Specification. 22nd December 2020
85 IS 8951: 2001 Steel Cast Billet Ingots, Billets and Blooms for Production of High Carbon Steel Wire Rods- Specification. 15th February, 2021.
86 IS 8952: 1995 Steel ingots, blooms and billets for production of mild steel wire rods for general engineering purposes – Specification. 15th February, 2021
87 IS 9476 : 1980 Specification for Cold rolled steel strips for carbon steel razor blades. 22nd December 2020
88 IS 9962 : 1981 Specification for Steel Wire for Needles. 22nd December 2020
89 IS 12367: 1988 Specification for Cold- rolled Carbon Steel Strips/ Coils for Manufacture of Welded Tubes. 22nd December 2020
90 IS 14331: 1995 Steels for High Temperature Bolting Applications – Specification. 15th May, 2021
First Ext- 15th November 2021
91 IS 14491: 1997 Low carbon high strength cold rolled steel sheets and coils for cold forming- Specification 22nd December 2020
92 IS 14650: 1999 Carbon Steel Cast Billet Ingots Billets Blooms and Slabs for Re-rolling purposes- Specification 26th February, 2021.
93 IS 4882: 1979 Specification for Low Carbon Steel Wire for Rivets for Use in Bearing Industry. 26th February, 2021.
94 IS 2090: 1983 Specification For High Tensile Steel Bars Used in Pre-stressed Concrete. 26th February,
2021 First Ext- 26th May 2021
Second Ext- 26th August 2021
95 IS 6529: 1996 Stainless Steel Blooms Billets And Slabs For Forging. 26th February, 2021
96 IS 9294: 1979 Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Strips for Razor Blades. 26th February, 2021.
97 IS 10631: 1983 Stainless steel for welding electrode core wire. 26th February, 2021
98 IS 10632 (Part 2): 1983 Specification for Non Magnetic stainless steels for electrical applications Part 2 Specific requirements for binding wire. 26th February, 2021.
99 IS 10632 (Part 3): 1983 Specifications for Non Magnetic stainless steels for electrical applications Part 3 Specific requirements for sheets, strips and plates. 26th February, 2021.
100 IS 11169 (Part 2): 1989 Steels for cold heading/ cold extrusion Applications- specification Part 2 Stainless steel. 26th February, 2021.
101 IS 5651: 1987 Steels for Pneumatic Tools. 26th February, 2021.
102 IS 9516: 1980 Heat Resisting Steel. 26th February, 2021.
103 IS 11952: 1986 Steels For Piston Pins (gudgeon Pins) 26th February, 2021.
104 IS 12045: 1987 Alloys Used in Electrical Resistance Metallic Heating Elements. 26th February, 2021.
First Ext- 26th August 2021
105 IS 14652: 1999 18 Percent Nickel Maraging Steel Bars and Rods. 26th February, 2021.
106 IS 1566: 1982 Specification for Hard-drawn Steel Wire Fabric For Concrete Reinforcement. 26th February, 2021.
107 IS 5489:1975 Carburizing Steels For Use In Bearing Industry. 26th February, 2021.
108 IS 11946: 1987 Soft Magnetic Iron Strips. 26th February, 2021. First Ext- 26th August 2021
Second Ext- 26th February 2022
109 IS 11947: 1987 Soft Magnetic Iron Rods, Bars, Flats and Sections. 26th February, 2021 First Ext- 26th August 2021
Second Ext- 26th February 2022
110 IS 963:1958 Chrome molybdenum steel bars and rods for aircraft purposes. 26th February, 2021.
111 IS 4454 (Part 4) :2001 Steel Wires for Mechanical Springs - Part 4: Stainless Steel Wire. 26th February, 2021
First Ext- 26th August 2021
Second Ext- 26th November 2022
112 IS 1993 : 2018 Cold-reduced Electrolytic Tin Plate. 17th April, 2021.
First Ext- 17th July 2021
113 IS 12591 : 2018 Cold reduced electrolytic chromium / Chromium oxide – coated steel. 17th April, 2021.
` First Ext- 17th July 2021
114 IS 412:1975 Specification For Expanded Metal Steel Sheets For General Purposes. 13th May, 2021.
115 IS 2100: 1970 Specification For Steel Billets, Bars And Sections For Boilers. 13th May, 2021.
116 IS 2589: 1975 Specification For Hard Drawn Steel Wire For Upholstery Springs. 13th May, 2021.
117 IS 3298: 1981 Specification For Mild Steel Rivet Bars For Ship Building. 13th May, 2021.
118 IS 4072: 1975 Specification For Steel For Spring Washers. 13th May, 2021.
First Ext- 13th November 2021
119 IS 8510 (Part II): 1977 Specification For Tinned Steel Wire For Banding Of Armatures And Rotors Part II Specific Requirements for magnetic banding wires. 13th May, 2021.
120 IS 8510 (PartIII): 1977 Specification For Tinned Steel Wire For Banding Of Armatures And Rotors Part III Specific Requirements for non- magnetic banding wires 13th May, 2021.
121 IS 8563: 1977 Specification For Half Round Mild Steel Wire For The Manufacture of Split Pins. 13th May, 2021.
122 IS 8564: 1977 Specification For Steel Wire For Nipples For Spokes. 13th May, 2021.
123 IS 8565: 1977 Specification For Heald Wire. 13th May, 2021.
124 IS 8566: 1977 Specification For Steel Wire For Reeds. 13th May, 2021.
125 IS 8917: 1978 Specification For Steel Plates For Galvanizing 13th May, 2021.
126 IS 9442: 1980 Specification For Hot - Rolled Steel Plates, For Manufacture of Tillage Discs. 13th May, 2021.
127 IS 9485: 1980 Specification For Cold- Reduced And Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet For Porcelain Enamelling 13th May, 2021.
128 IS 10794: 1984 Specification for mild steel wire for cotter pins. 13th May, 2021.
129 IS 12262:1988 Specification For Trapezoidal Steel Wire For Springs Washers. 13th May, 2021.
130 IS 12313: 1988 Specification For Hot-Dip Terne Coated Carbon Steel Sheets. 13th May, 2021.
131 IS 15911:2010 Structural Steel (Ordinary Quality)-Specification. 13th May, 2021.
132 IS 4430: 1979 Specification For Mould Steels. 13th May, 2021.
133 IS 4431: 1978 Specification For Carbon And Carbon-Manganese Free-Cutting Steels. 13th May, 2021.
134 IS 4432: 1988 Specification For Case Hardening Steels. 13th May, 2021 First Ext- 13th November 2021
135 IS 5518: 1996 Steels For Die Blocks For Drop Forging Specification. 13th May, 2021
First Ext- 13th November 2021
136 IS 8748: 1978 Specification For Forged/Rolled CTC Segments. 13th May, 2021.
137 IS 12145: 1987 Specification For Quenched And Tempered Alloy Steel Forgings For Pressure Vessels. 13th May, 2021.
First Ext- 13th November 2021
138 IS 13387: 1992 Tool Steel Forgings For Metal Forming – Specification 13th May, 2021.
First Ext- 13th November 2021
139 IS14698:1999 Carbon And Low Alloy Billets, Blooms, Slabs And Bars For Manufacture Of Shell Bodies And Proof Shots Used In Defence Services Specification. 13th May, 2021.
140 IS/ISO 11951 : 2016 Cold - Reduced tinmill products – Blackplate 13th May, 2021.
141 IS 3930: 1994 Flame And Induction Hardening Steels– Specification. 13th May, 2021.
142 IS 5478: 1969 Specification For Thermostat Metal Sheet and Strip. 13th May, 2021.
143 IS 13352: 1992 Stock for Forgings produced from Continuously Cast Blooms, Billets and Slabs - Specification. 13th May, 2021.
First Ext- 13th November 2021
144 IS 16644: 2018 Stress-Relieved, Low Relaxation Steel Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete- Specification. 13th May, 2021.
145 IS 17404 : 200 Electro-galvanized Hot Rolled and Cold Reduced Carbon Steel Sheets and Strips — Specification 13th November 2021

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