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By Ritika Rathor

BIS Certification For Protective Textiles All Products india

BIS Certification for protective textiles products


Protective textiles are special kinds of fabrics that are used to keep people safe. They have lots of important uses, especially in jobs where safety is crucial. These textiles can protect you from many different things like extreme heat, cold, storms, UV rays from the sun, snow, radiation, fires, friction, dust, germs, static electricity, and chemicals, among others.

However, some protective textiles might not fully meet the current safety standards. That means they might not provide complete protection. To be sure you're getting complete protection; all protective textiles must meet the Indian safety standards and have a special mark from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). When a product has this mark, it means its high quality and follows all the Indian safety rules.

What is BIS Certification?

BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, an organization that manages, grades, and formulates standards for consumer products in India.BIS certification is necessary for all protective textiles, including curtains, upholstery, protective clothing, gloves, bulletproof jackets, high-visibility clothing, and tactical slings. This certification ensures that these products are safe, reliable, and meet the Indian standards.

The process of BIS certification for protective textiles

To get BIS certification for your protective textile product, you need to follow these steps:

1.     Prepare Documents: Before you apply, make sure you have all the necessary documents ready.

2.     Submit Application: Once your documents are ready, submit your application along with the supporting documents on the BIS Portal.

3.     Manufacturing Premises Audit: After reviewing your application, BIS will send an auditor to inspect your manufacturing premises. During this inspection, BIS officials will take a sample of your product for testing.

4.     Sample Testing: The samples collected will be tested in a BIS-approved laboratory to check if they meet the Indian standards.

5.     Grant of BIS License: If your product passes all the tests and meets the Indian standards, BIS will grant you a BIS license. This license is usually valid for one to two years. Remember to renew it before it expires by submitting a renewal application and license fee within 90 days of the expiry date.

BIS Certification Cost and Required Time to Get it.          

The cost of BIS certification varies based on the product type and the level of certification needed. You can ask a BIS registered consultant or BIS ISI mark certification consultant agent for a cost estimate. Generally, the certification process takes a few months to complete.

 List of Indian Standards for Protective Textiles.


Indian Standard



IS 15741:2007

Textiles - Resistance to ignition of curtains and drapes - specification



IS 15768: 2008

Textiles - Resistance to ignition of upholstered composites used for non-domestic furniture - Specification



IS 16890: 2018

Textiles - Protective Clothing for Firefighters - Specification



IS 16874:2018

Textiles - Protective Gloves for Firefighters - Specification



IS 15748 2007

Textiles - Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat (excluding firefighters' and welders' clothing)



IS 15742: 2007

Textiles - requirements for clothing made of limited flame spread materials and material assemblies affording protection against heat and flame - specification


IS 15809:2017

High visibility warning clothes - Specification (first revision)



IS 16655:2017

Textiles - Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes



IS 16725:2018

Textiles - Tactical 3-point sling universal - Specification



IS 16726:2018

Textiles - Pouch for ammunition and grenades made of disruptive pattern nylon 6 6 - Specification



IS 17051 :2018

Textiles - Bullet resistant jackets - Performance requirements



IS 17286:2019

Textiles - Water-proof multipurpose rain poncho with convertibility as bivouac - Specification



Benefits of BIS Certification

The BIS registration provides the following benefits:

1.     Increase sales: BIS-registered products are more likely to be of higher quality and attract more customers.

2.     Reduce the amount of money spent on quality maintenance: Upon getting certification, there's no need to follow separate quality guidelines for products.

3.     Enhance product credibility and reduce environmental risk: BIS-certified items are genuine and trustworthy because they work really well and last a long time.

4.     Ensure the highest level of quality and dependability: The presence of a BIS registration number implies that the product is of high quality and dependability.

5.     Ensure the organization’s expansion: BIS certification boosts your product’s reputation, resulting in significant growth and market exposure.


In order to import, export, or sell protective textile product in the Indian consumer market it is essential for Manufacturers to get BIS certification.

If you need any assistance with BIS registration for protective textiles products, you can reach out to Evtlindia. We provide assistance with all documentation formalities with India's BIS office, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free registration experience, guiding you through the entire process from start to finish.


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