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BIS License ISI Certification For Aluminium Foils

BIS License ISI Certification For Aluminium Foils
By Ritika Rathor

Why and For What Aluminum Foil Certificate is Required

This is correct. Aluminum foil is widely used in home kitchens for food packaging and storage. Considering its direct contact with food, it is important to ensure that the foil is safe and of high quality, without emitting any harmful substances that may affect the health of consumers. To address this, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it mandatory for certain products, including aluminum foil, to be certified with an ISI certificate before they can be sold in India.

BIS ISI certification for aluminum foil is certified under Indian Standard IS 15392. This certification signifies that the aluminum foil meets the specified quality standards set by BIS. Ensures that foils are manufactured, tested, and labeled as per established norms to ensure consumer safety.

By obtaining BIS ISI certification for aluminum foil, manufacturers demonstrate their compliance with essential quality requirements, which include factors such as thickness, strength, and the absence of harmful substances. This certification helps consumers make informed choices by identifying products that meet approved standards.

Overall, BIS ISI certification for aluminum foil as per the Indian standard IS 15392 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of aluminum foil used for food packaging and storage in India.

What is a BIS ISI certificate?

A BIS ISI certificate refers to the certification provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the Indian Standards Institute (ISI) for various products, including aluminum foil. This certification ensures that the aluminum foil meets the quality standards specified by BIS and ISI.

Documents Required for Obtaining BSI ISI for Aluminium Foil:

1.     Copy of Partnership Deed / MOA (for Private Limited Co.)

2.     GST & MSME with proper mentioning of about office & factory address

3.     Premises document / Rent Agreement – already have


4.     List of Machinery in the following format:  (Excel Format)

It's important to note that these documents serve as general guidelines and specific requirements may vary depending on the BIS or ISI guidelines and regulations. Manufacturers seeking BIS ISI certification for aluminum foil should consult the appropriate authorities or certification bodies for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the required documents and procedures.

The requirements for BIS ISI certification for aluminum foil include the proper marking of the foil package and obtaining the ISI mark. Here are the key requirements:


1. Marking on the package: The package of aluminum foil should be marked with the following information:

   - Batch number: A unique identification number assigned to each batch of aluminum foil.

   - Manufacturing date: The date on which the foil was produced.

   - Material condition: Indication of the material condition or specifications of the foil.

   - Manufacturer's name: The name of the company or manufacturer producing the aluminium foil.

   - Grade: The grade or quality level of the aluminium foil.


2. ISI mark: The aluminium foil should bear the ISI mark to ensure that it meets the quality and standard requirements set by the Indian Standard-15392. The ISI mark signifies that the product has undergone a series of quality and standard tests conducted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Obtaining the ISI mark involves a comprehensive evaluation of the product and the manufacturing premise to ensure compliance with the specified standards. It includes various quality and standard tests to assess the product's performance, safety, and quality characteristics.

By properly marking the package and obtaining the ISI mark, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to producing aluminum foil that meets the required quality and standard benchmarks, providing assurance to consumers about the foil's reliability and adherence to Indian Standard-15392.


BIS is a certification provided to the products manufactured in India in order to assure the quality, standard, and reliability of the product before selling in the market. The certification is provided as an ISI mark, which is unique for all the different categories of products. There are certain products that the government has mandated to be sold with an ISI mark on them because of their common usage in the Indian household. The ISI mark is a symbol of trust and reliability and assures that the product can be used without any doubt for safety and health concerns.

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