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BIS Certification Consultants Mumbai | ISI Mark - BIS certification

BIS Certification Consultants Mumbai | ISI Mark - BIS certification
By BIS Officer

BIS Certification (Bureau of Indian Standards)

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Standards body of India, functioning under the aegis of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Government of India. BIS has published more than 20000 Indian Standards (IS) and Priced Publications (PP) to ensure the quality of products, more than 400 new standards and 400 amendments are published. 

The Bureau of Indian Standards is an Indian Govt. Department which issues safety standards for various products and appliances. It issues a standard mark after testing the product, this mark which when printed or embossed on a product gives conformity for its safety and quality. BIS provides quality benefits to the economy through testing, certification, and standardization – providing safety and minimizing health hazards to consumers and promoting schemes related to import & export.

What is BIS Product Certification Scheme

BIS Product Certification Scheme is one of the largest in the world, with over 26500 licensees covering more than 900 products. BIS Certification allows the licensees to use the popular ISI mark on their product, which is synonymous with quality products. As per Government notification, 90 products are mandatorily required to have BIS certification. BIS also operates Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme under which overseas manufacturers can be granted a license to use the BIS Standard Mark. At present, over 350 licenses have been granted for over 50 Indian Standards in 40 different countries.

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Process for BIS ISI Mark Certification

Tow Types of BIS Registration Certification Scheme.

1​​​. BIS CRS Compulsory Registration Scheme

2. BIS ISI Mark Registration Certification Scheme

Yes, there are two types of BIS Registration Certification Schemes in India:

BIS CRS Compulsory Registration Scheme

This scheme is applicable to electronics and IT products. It is a self-conformity scheme, which means that factory audit is not required. Manufacturers of products listed on the CRS must apply for registration from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) after getting their product tested from BIS-recognized labs. After registration, manufacturers are then allowed to put the Standard Mark on their products

The list of products covered under the CRS is notified by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). The current list includes over 100 products, such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, mobile phones, and electronic toys.

The CRS is operated based on the BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. The regulations set out the requirements for registration, testing, and surveillance of products under the CRS.

BIS ISI Mark Registration Certification Scheme

This scheme is applicable to a wide range of products, including electrical appliances, building materials, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals. It is a licensing scheme, which means that manufacturers must undergo a factory audit by a BIS-recognized lab in order to obtain a license to use the ISI Mark on their products.

The list of products covered under the ISI Mark scheme is notified by the Government of India. The current list includes over 1,500 products.

The ISI Mark scheme is operated based on the BIS Act, 1986. The Act sets out the powers and functions of the BIS, including the power to notify products that are required to be marked with the ISI Mark.

The ISI Mark is a symbol of quality and safety. It is recognized by consumers all over India as a guarantee of the quality of a product.

The cost of BIS certification varies depending on the product and the type of scheme. The cost of BIS registration under the CRS is ₹28,000/- (plus applicable service tax) for one test report. The cost of BIS certification under the ISI Mark scheme varies depending on the product and the size of the manufacturer.

To know the process in detail, please visit:

ISI Mark Certification for Domestic And Foreign Manufactures

Under BIS Registration Products ISI and CRS

Benefits of BIS Certification

The BIS registration provides the following benefits:

Ensures quality standards as BIS registration products are bound to follow a certain standard while manufacturing the goods

Gives authenticity to BIS-certified products as they deliver high-quality performance and reliability

BIS-certified products minimize environmental risks as BIS has prohibited the usage of certain chemicals and materials under its prescribed norms

BIS registration is granted after testing the samples of the products in BIS set-up laboratories, ensuring quality inspection and high-quality products

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