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LMPC Certification (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity)

LMPC Certification (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity)
By Mohini Kishore

What is LMPC Certificate Registration?

LMPC Registration stands for (Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities) LMPC certificate, and it is a mandatory requirement for all importing pre-packaged goods. If you're an importer who imports pre-packaged products and then distributes or sells them, you need oversight from a department that can watch over the quality of the LMPC Certificate For Import.

According to Legal Metrology Act, 2009, all packers and importers of pre-packaged products must register themselves under the rule 27 Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011. Applications for this registration must be made within 90 days from initiating import operations.

LMPC certificate means authentic and accurate handling of goods having correct measurements. Also I would tell you that packers importing goods weighing 10 grams/milliliters or less, and agricultural products weighing more than 50 kgs are exempted from obtaining the LMPC Registration certificate.

Process of LMPC Certificate

  1. You can apply for LMPC certificate portal through an online portal.

  2. After applying, you have to prepare all the necessary documents and submit them along with the application form to the concerned Department.

  3. When you submit the application form and documents along with required fees to the Department. Then they will verify all the documents and application forms.

  4. If Department is satisfied with the application and the importer has filed the declaration, then the Department will issue an LMPC Certificate. After issuing the Certificate, an importer can show that Certificate to the Clearance Authority at the ports to get products imported.

  5. Later they will grant you a legal metrology certificate.

Documents Required to Obtain LMPC Certificates

  1. Identify and address proof
  2. Aadhaar number
  3. Certificate of GST registration
  4. Declaration sample to be tagged along with the goods
  5. Applicant’s passport-size photograph
  6. For a company, a copy of a memorandum of articles needs to be attached
  7. For a partnership firm, a copy of the registered partnership needs to be attached Some of the required documents for LMPC registration.

Benefits of LMPC Certificate

LMPC Certificate make sure that the measuring instruments are undamaged and in working condition to serve their intended purpose & meet international standards. The legal Metrology Act is responsible for controlling any unfair & illegal trade practices.

When the Customers realize they are getting a product verified under certain Rules & Regulations, it boosts their Trust in the seller, which eventually results in robust trading bonds.

The Legal Metrology Act also ensures complete justice to both the Government & business in a matter that is related to all tax payments. The Government collects its revenue through excise duties imposed on products sold, produced, imported & exported and via taxes levied on measurement.

This Act reduces the Burden of Technical Barriers to Trade and promotes confidence & clarity of measurement. With the help of this, a Trader can avoid useless barriers in the process of adoption, application of technical regulations, conformity & standards assessment procedures.

Approval Procedure

After you submit the complete application along with the requisite fee, the concerned LMO of the concerned Zone visits the premises of and if the functioning of the firm is found as per the guidelines of the department, he recommends the application for granting the license/registration to the competent authority through the concerned Zonal officer. Thereafter the competent authority after scrutinizing grants its approval/rejection. On grant of license, automatic SMS alert and e-mail is sent to the applicant on registered mobile number. Applicant can print license / registration certificate digitally signed by the competent authority online.

1. Package commodities for importer/manufacturer / packer registration under rule 27
2. Dealer license under section 24
3. Import license under section 19
4. Model approval of the product under section 22

LMPC mandatory for import?

LMPC certificate is mandatory for import. It facilitates the clearance of imported commodities. In the absence of an LMPC certificate, the customs authorities delay the release of the goods. This can have a cascading effect on importers leading to unnecessary delays, additional expenses like penalties, convincing the authorities and mental stress. This also negatively impacts the brand value of the imported goods and the business.

Penalty for LMPC certificate

Type of violation

Amount of fine imposed / Punishment

Importers, packers, manufacturers, dealers who flout the prescribed standards of measures and weights

Fine of ₹10,000 or a year of

  imprisonment or both


If Importers, packers, manufacturers, dealers who violate section 11 of the LMPC Act

Fine of  ₹10,000 or a year of imprisonment or both

If Importers, packers, manufacturers, dealers deliver quantities less than what the end-user has paid for

Fine of  ₹10,000 or a year of imprisonment or both

Importers and manufacturers who fail to furnish documents detailing their annual returns

Fine of ₹5,000 or a year of imprisonment, or both

If the labels denote an unverified weight – the said importer will be penalized

Fine can vary between ₹2,000 and ₹10,000 or a year of imprisonment or both

Importers, sellers, distributors, and manufacturers who make a sale of products which don’t have an LMPC declaration on the packaging. Every additional offence increases the amount of the fine by almost twice the sum and may include a year of jail or both a fine as well as jail.


Fine of ₹25,000


Metrology Department has established a specific license for measures and weights. The maker, dealer, or repairer of weights and measures, as well as other connected devices, applies for such a licence. The person who uses weights and measures or other similar instruments is not obliged to have a licence.

The applicant must state all necessary information when filing for licence renewal under Legal Metrology Registration. He must complete the renewal application form with all of the relevant information. The manufacturer or importer who trades in weights and measures under the Legal Metrology Act may apply for renewal.

EVTL India is always there to help all the applicants. We can get your LMPC Certificate in minimal time and let your imports go smoothly. For very long years, we have all seen that almost every import product now requires an LMPC Registration Certificate Consultant


Q1. What is the full form of LMPC?

Ans. LMPC certificate full form is Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities. LMPC in customs means the LPMC certificate for import license

Q2. What is the LMPC certificate meaning?

Ans. An LMPC registration certificate is a legal approval to import, pack, sell, and distribute pre-packed commodities in the country.

Q3. How does the Department of Legal Metrology provide insights into the business world?

Ans. If you're an importer who imports pre-packaged products and then distributes or sells them, you need oversight from a department that can watch over the quality of the import. The Legal Metrology Department of India is that department, and it provides the said oversight by issuing an LMPC Certificate.

Q4. In how many days does the import have to apply for the LMPC certification?

Ans. Also known as an import license, LMPC certification has to be applied for within 90 days of starting the import.

Q5. How long is the Legal Metrology Certificate valid?

Ans. The validity of an LMPC certificate is one to five years.

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