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EPR Registration Certificate Consultant

EPR Registration Certificate Consultant
By Mohini Kishore


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Extended Producer's Responsibility (EPR) is a significant rule in India, designed to ensure that companies bear the responsibility for managing electronic waste resulting from the products they manufacture or import into the country. When engaging in business in India with electronic products, companies are obligated to seek permission from a government authority known as the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Acquiring this permission is a crucial step for companies wanting to operate with electronic products in the Indian market.

To navigate this regulatory landscape effectively, companies can seek assistance from reputable consultants such as Evtlindia. This consultancy specializes in providing guidance throughout the EPR certification process, offering clear and honest support. Evtlindia understands the complexities of compliance and aims to make the certification process more accessible for companies, ensuring they meet the requirements laid out by the CPCB.

Evtlindia’s EPR Registration Support in Delhi or our EPR Registration Support in India offers businesses personalized assistance in the registration process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. By choosing a reliable EPR registration consultant like Evtlindia, businesses can streamline their approach to EPR and contribute to responsible electronic waste management practices in India


The following entities can apply for an EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) certificate in India: Producers, Importers, Brand Owners, Manufactures, Traders

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EPR registration for plastic waste and packaging is a regulatory process where producers, importers, or brand owners take on the responsibility of managing the entire life cycle of the plastic products they bring into the market. This includes tasks such as collecting, recycling and ensuring the proper disposal of plastic waste. The main objective is to shift the burden of EPR Plastic Waste Management from local authorities to the producers, fostering sustainable practices and minimizing environmental impact.

EPR registration typically involves adhering to specific targets and guidelines established by environmental agencies, aiming to encourage producers to adopt more environmentally friendly approaches and contribute to the overall reduction of plastic pollution.

Evtlindia’s EPR Registration Services in Delhi provide businesses with a streamlined and efficient process to obtain the necessary certifications, ensuring compliance with environmental responsibility standards.


EPR registration for managing battery waste is a regulatory process that mandates manufacturers, importers, or brand owners to handle the entire life cycle of batteries. This includes tasks like collecting, recycling, and properly disposing of used batteries. The aim is to shift the responsibility for managing battery waste from local authorities and consumers to the companies producing these batteries, promoting sustainable practices and lessening environmental impact.

EPR registration usually entails obtaining certifications or authorizations from relevant environmental agencies. And for that you can rely on our EPR Certification Assistance in Delhi for expert support in obtaining EPR certification, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility. Our EPR Registration Specialists in Delhi offer in-depth knowledge and support to businesses seeking to register and comply with EPR regulations in the region. Compliance involves meeting specific recycling targets and raising awareness about responsible battery waste disposal, ultimately encouraging producers to design batteries with recycling in mind for more environmentally friendly waste management practices.


EPR registration for managing electronic waste is a set of rules that makes manufacturers and importers responsible for the entire life cycle of their electronic products. This includes tasks like collecting, recycling, and properly disposing of electronic waste. The idea is to shift the responsibility of handling electronic waste from local authorities and consumers to the companies that produce these products.

EPR registration usually involves getting certifications from environmental agencies, and compliance means meeting specific recycling targets and spreading awareness about responsible electronic waste disposal. And for that you can consult with our Environmental Responsibility Consultant to develop and implement effective strategies for EPR compliance, aligning your business practices with environmental sustainability. EPR Compliance Advisers in India provide strategic insights and guidance, helping businesses navigate the regulatory landscape and adopt responsible electronic waste management practices.

The ultimate aim is to encourage companies to design products with recycling in mind, promoting more sustainable waste management practices.



1.     EPR Reduces Production Costs: EPR encourages the recycling and reuse of electronic waste. This means manufacturers don't have to create new products from scratch. By using recycled materials, they save money on raw materials and production costs.

2.     Eco-Friendly Waste Management: EPR ensures that electronic waste or plastic waste or battery waste is managed in an environmentally friendly manner. This is crucial for protecting the environment from harm. Proper disposal and recycling prevent harmful substances from contaminating the soil and water.

3.     Enhanced Product Reputation: Obtaining EPR Authorization from the Pollution Control Board is like getting a seal of approval for a product. It shows that the product is responsible and eco-friendly. This boosts the product's reputation and brand image in the market.

4.     Promoting Sustainable Development: EPR is all about sustainability. By recycling and reusing electronic waste or plastic waste or battery waste it lowers waste generation and reduces the misuse of natural resources. This contributes to sustainable development and helps protect the planet for future generations.


Here's how you can get your EPR Authorization:

  1. Prepare Your Documents: First, gather all the necessary documents and create an EPR Certificate for your authorization application.
  2. Fill Out the Application: Complete the application form with all the required information and include your EPR Certificate.
  3. Submit Your Application: Hand in your application, along with detailed information about your company and EPR application to the relevant department.
  4. Application Review: The CPCB official will carefully examine your application and evaluate your EPR Certificate for approval. If there are any missing details, the CPCB official may send you a checklist for clarification within 25 days.
  5. Approval and Authorization: Once your EPR application is reviewed and approved by the Chairman of CPCB, the divisional head will issue your EPR authorization.
  6. CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) will give you the EPR authorization within 120 days once they have everything they need from your application, according to the E-Waste rules. But if your application is missing some information, the CPCB will check it within 25 days and let you know what's still needed.

Important Note: Once you get approved, you'll sign an agreement for one year, validity renewal


When you submit Form-1 for EPR authorization, make sure you include these documents:

  1. Proof of Address: Provide documents that confirm the manufacturer/importer's address.
  2. GST Certificate: Include the GST certificate that displays the address of the manufacturing unit.
  3. Company Registration: Submit copies of documents or certificates from the Company Registrar, Directorate of Company, or Import Export code letter.
  4. Product name which registration required
  5. ROHS Compliance: Offer a self-declaration in the prescribed format to confirm your compliance with ROHS regulations.
  6. Sales data of the product (weight)
  7. Aadhar and pan card of the authorized signatory
  8. Registration Details: Provide TIN, PAN, and incorporation certificate details.
  9. Importers: If you're an importer, include a copy of your IEC (Import Export Code).
  10. EPR Plan Documents: Attach documents related to your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) plan.
  11. Awareness and Budget: Include details of proposed awareness programs and allied initiatives, along with the estimated budget allocated for EPR activities.


As a renowned EPR Registration Consultant in India, Evtlindia’s firm specializes in guiding businesses through the intricate process of obtaining Extended Producer’s Responsibility certification. Seek the expertise of our EPR Certification Consultant in Delhi for comprehensive support and guidance on meeting the regulatory requirements for responsible electronic waste management.

Recognized as Top EPR Certificate Consultants, our team brings unparalleled expertise to assist businesses in achieving and maintaining compliance with EPR regulations. Trust the EPR Compliance Experts in India to navigate the complexities of environmental responsibility regulations, ensuring your business meets the necessary standards for electronic waste management.

You can access our EPR Certification Advisory in India to gain valuable insights and assistance in navigating the certification process, fostering responsible electronic waste, plastic waste and battery waste management. Evtlindia's EPR Registration Support in Delhi and EPR Registration Services in India offer personalized assistance for a hassle-free experience. Overall, by choosing reliable EPR registration consultants like Evtlindia, businesses contribute to responsible waste management practices in India, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.


Evtlindia serves as a trusted EPR Certification Consultant for P-Waste, B-Waste, and E-Waste, assisting companies in navigating India's significant Extended Producer's Responsibility (EPR) regulations. With a focus on electronic waste management, plastic waste and packaging, and battery waste, Evtlindia provides clear and honest support to streamline the EPR certification process. The consultancy's commitment to making compliance more accessible ensures businesses meet Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) requirements.

Explore comprehensive EPR Compliance Solutions in India to ensure that your business not only meets but exceeds the necessary environmental responsibility standards. Avail the Best EPR Consultant Services to receive expert guidance on EPR compliance, helping your business contribute to sustainable and responsible electronic waste management practices.

Benefit from the expertise of Leading EPR Certificate Consultants to streamline your certification process and ensure that your business adheres to environmental responsibility standards. Our EPR Compliance Consultancy in Delhi provides businesses with tailored solutions to address specific compliance challenges and ensure adherence to EPR regulations.

You can contact us via email at contact@evtlindia.com or by phone at 9560935898. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for the support you need.
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